Conservative, stuffy old Nintendo and its weird habit of wild radicalism

"Every big game company has its own personality, its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Few companies are as quirky and idiosyncratic as Nintendo.

One of Nintendo's characteristics is the fierce loyalty of its employees (and its fans), and their everlasting fealty, even after they have moved on. It's almost like a code.

I have good friends who once worked there. No matter how much I beg and plead for tidbits of gossip, they just smile down at me, like I'm asking to meet the Tooth Fairy.

If you walk through the offices at Nintendo of America, the desks are covered with knickknacks and toys, just like any other game industry place of work. The only difference is that they are almost all Nintendo-themed. It's kinda cute and it's kinda creepy."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

From the article:

"They need to invest and absorb some of the risk for third parties who try to embrace the features of Nintendo platforms and help communicate to consumers which games are on par with Nintendo first party games in terms of quality," he says, on the subject of third party games.
"Sony and Microsoft spend a lot of money securing exclusives, or at least exclusive features, on the top games and since Nintendo doesn't really do that, third parties focus on the other systems ...
If Nintendo doesn't want to be a first-party-only system, they may need to be more aggressive in securing those games and making sure that they're high quality."


Sounds to me like he wants Nintendo to start money-hatting third parties for exclusive features in third party games.
I'd prefer that third parties actually include all of THEIR content in their games, before they start believing they're entitled to hand-outs for exclusive content.
It's one of the big reasons why no one supports them on the Wii U; why buy CoD: Ghosts for Wii U when the majority of the content isn't there?
And for that matter, why invest in exclusive content when the BASIC DLC content that they offer to EVERY OTHER VERSION is almost completely non-existent?

I'm sure Sony and Microsoft aren't paying third parties just to ensure that the already-planned stuff isn't absent from their versions of multiplats, so we shouldn't expect anyone else to do so, either.

It shouldn't be Nintendo's job to make sure third party games are "high in quality" by baby-sitting them while they decide what content makes it in and what doesn't.
Anything planned for other system versions, that isn't designed to be console-exclusive content and is going into all versions, should be in any versions that hit the Wii U.
THEN, talk of exclusive content should happen.

marloc_x1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Playing double screen co-op..
..Extinction is a huge exclusive feature that my house enjoys very much.

Exclusively switching weapons instantly on 007 Legends..
..without pressing a button several times to cycle through guns.

Those devs that love their craft have offered my wonderful fan service in games like Guacamelee!

Nintendo doesn't have to pander 3rd parties to offer me a different pair of pants to wear in game..

wonderfulmonkeyman1269d ago

That's not so much exclusive content, as it is basic console features/abilities that they should be taking into consideration when making a game for it.
If us fans can think of so many uses for it, why can't third parties?

I'm talking about stuff developed from the third parties' end.
New storyline pieces, weapons, levels, etc etc, that show up on every other version, should be a standard across all versions, not something limited to everything except Nintendo system versions.