New Pokken Footage: Lucario Vs. Pikachu

New gameplay footage of Lucario vs. Pikachu in Pokken Tournament Fighters.

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Travis37081299d ago

Not bad.......... It looks like it's gonna be a good fighting game..

pcz1299d ago

first of all, the video quality is appalling.

secondly, all this game does is make you thirst for a console pokemon game. i mean, this is what the fighting could be like, and then you go and explore the surrounding environment.

but instead you are just trapped fighting, and imagining how great it would be to explore.

i think nintendo already have the 'niche fighting game' genre covered and mastered with smash bros, so i dont see the point in this pokken game.

Ken851299d ago

Wow this looks just like Naruto

ABizzel11299d ago

A lesser version of Naruto, and exactly what I said it would most likely to be like when gameplay was first shown.

I need to see gameplay from decent players, to see if it's better than what was shown here.

randomass1711298d ago

That's pretty negative considering this is our first real glimpse of the game.

Sheed1299d ago

Idk why you got thumbed down.
You have to be blind to not see the similarities between this and the naruto games.
Hell, it's made by the same company

Redempteur1299d ago

it's not made by the same company ..
Naruto games are made by cyberconnect inc

and this game is made by a specially made team composed of namco & nintendo veterans.

Sheed1299d ago

So, this is just a Pokemon version of the ultimate ninja games.
I was kinda hoping for more of a tekken style game to be honest.

gedden71299d ago

When opponents engage in close quarters combat its a lot more like Tekken.

kakashi811299d ago

It's looks more like tekken and ultimate ninja.

Summons751299d ago

Really hoping to see a WiiU and western release date or at the least confirmation at e3

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