Xbox on Windows TP2 Release – Feature Summary

Xbox on Windows brings new features.

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KarmaV121125d ago

I have it now and I love the layout. Right now it pretty much is a remade smartglass but they said they will update it monthly. Can't wait to see more!

csbunk021125d ago

Are you able to play Xbox One games already with it?

KarmaV121123d ago

Not at the moment. Not sure when they are adding that in but I hope it comes soon!

Dudebro901125d ago

Cant wait for streaming.

4Sh0w1125d ago

Yeah this is going to be great for my house.

Shazz1125d ago

credit were its due microsoft are doing loads to enchance being connected fully while gaming and im loving every bit of what they are bringing so far.

XanderZane1125d ago

Yes, I agree. It looks great so far. I'm just wondering how I can use an XB1 controller on a tablet? I guessing this will only be for M$ tablet and not any other brands?

Software_Lover1125d ago

You just have to find a tablet with a standard usb port. I have one. Or you can go to amazon and find a micro-usb to usb adapter.

Dudebro901125d ago

They said for now you have to use usb, but they are wroking on a wireless solution.

DEEBO1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I got a 2 and 1 laptop can't wait until this comes to the public.
Streaming is cool but i don't really care about the friends list thing.