PS Owners You can Now Redeem Your 10%, Here’s How

The 10 percent off discount, Sony promised PS gamers that were affected by the Christmas outage is now live.


We have added the discount code for those in Canada.

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Hitman07691305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I would rather have had $10 , this is a disgrace.

Edit: To clarify, I mean $10 PSN Wallet Balance.

GribbleGrunger1305d ago

I agree. You have to add something to your cart before you can claim this and it's a timed offer. This is out of order.

Kurisu1305d ago

Well I just added DriveClub and Resident Evil to my basket and purchased them, with the 10% discount, for £32. So no complaints from me. Besides 10% off is better than nothing, right? Especially considering the DDoS attack wasn't their fault.

GribbleGrunger1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Yeah, it's fine if you have the money but when you haven't it's not good enough. Without a time limit I could accept it.

Hellsvacancy1305d ago

There's nothing on the PSN I want right now, so it sucks that this 10% off has to be used within a certain time

Fez1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Clicked to check if this was timed or not... absolute joke!. I don't actually expect anything from Sony since I wasn't affected by the outage - good old Christmas PS2 - but if I had tried to play at that time, I'd be pretty pissed at this gesture.

They'll make money on this when people buy games they don't really want.
This is like holding a raffle to apologize.

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PoSTedUP1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

better than what MS did. if you werent interested in the select few games they extended the sale for due to the outage, you werent getting s*** from them. this is 10% from sony for everyone affected. granted not everyone may want to buy a game in the lmited time, but they get the opportunity and a discount on any game(s) they want. i know im grabbing something this weekend.

GribbleGrunger1305d ago

I'm not interested in what another company does, I'm interested in what the company I support does.

PoSTedUP1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

i guess youre left out then, tough s***. it was for comparison sake to show that yall arent getting a crap deal if you really want to complain: they didnt have to offer anything, it was down for like 9 hours dude they got attacked. they already compensated for the attacks, llike someone said below, this was an extra gesture. so much nonsensical complaining this generation, its ridiculous.

and i wasnt replying to you. here, ill create a petition for you to sigh, hold up.

XxExacutionerxX1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Really Wow Microsoft doesn't have to do anything, wait.... they did, I got a week added to my gold account. Also, microsoft has given away more stuff than Sony ever has. What did you get for being a fan of sony for ten years (a theme) lol Oh and a system that was so limited, that it pissed off its own fanbase. When scalpers got to them first. I believe Microsoft gave away Xbox 360s to people with ten year old xbox live acoounts. I also got Limbo for buying an Xbox one at launch.
How is Ps Now? 44.99 for three I'm still laughing at that one.......

Muzikguy1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I'm not sure how you @exacutioner would run a business, but you won't stay in business if all you're doing is "giving things away". I don't judge which company is better by how much I can get for free. That goes back to the GREED I was talking about earlier. And since you asked, the gesture by Sony is still better. If you're trying to compare PSPlus to GWG that's a whole different matter.

PoSTedUP1304d ago

ms has given away more than sony ever has... LOL. i believe you missed a whole generation of articles from pissed of 360 fans saying the exact opposite Specifically for getting treated like s*** after being a MS supporter for Ten years. LOL. and now they pissed this gen too. they jumped on board the PS4 for a reason buddy ;).

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soul-assassin-1305d ago

Why is it a disgrace?. We have already been given extra days on ps+ to compensate the down time. This is something extra for free. It maybe useless if you have no need for it, but far from a disgrace

pompous1305d ago

No it's not a disgrace. First they didn't have to do anything, but they did. They gave you 5 days of ps plus and that is technically all they needed to do, but they went further. What is a disgrace is their competitor whom had the same issue and just like Sony had players on right away and had players not able to connect days after, but where is their "I'm sorry"? Oh wait that's right MS didn't do a fucking thing, but lets all jump on Sony and complain like spoiled entitled babies that what they did isn't good enough.

Muzikguy1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I don't understand why people are never satisfied. It's no wonder there's so much hate and greed in the world. I'd bet if you had a $10 balance you'd be bitching that the thing you want is $11 total and you still have to use YOUR money to buy it.... I'm just happy they're doing anything at all. Life is so less stressful when minor things like this aren't made into a huge deal

OT Now with this code I get $2 off the RE game. It's not much, but I'll take it!

MysticStrummer1305d ago

Anyone would probably rather have $10, but "disgrace" is way too strong a word.

CorndogBurglar1305d ago

No, you are just selfish and feel entitled for some reason.

Sony has already extended everyone's PS+ by 5 days. Which is actually a few days more than what PSN was even down for.

This 10% off is just a good gesture on their part. They didn't have to do it to make amends. The DDoS attacks weren't even their fault. Sorry you don't like it, but don't act like you are entitled to anything more than the extra days of PS+.

People are're given something as a good gesture then complain about it.

You're the disgrace.

Muzikguy1305d ago

Well said! It really is shocking the way so many people think nowadays :/

3-4-51305d ago

So they are only helping those who give them more money ?

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HeavenlySnipes1305d ago

This is cool and all but the fact we can't use it on preorders makes it worthless for me.

Nothing out that I want atm, even with 10% off

TheJacksonRGN1305d ago

Yeah that hurts, the small window to use it sucks as well. At least it stacks with the current sales going on right now.

Iceball20001305d ago

When you think about (in most places) that's saving tax. But still that's a horrible discont $10 PSN wallet balance would have been a better choice

ainTgoTTime2bleed1305d ago

Used it to buy RE @ $
Better than nothing I guess;)

Theparanerds1305d ago

that's my plan. stupid 13% taxes...

PoSTedUP1305d ago

im going for ConceptionII or one of the atelier games i dont have.

Sir_Simba1305d ago

why do ppl feel they owed more, they actually do not have to give you anyhing, the fact youre getting take advantage of it and stop complaining how it s worthless or too litle.

BLow1305d ago

I know right? I guess they also forgot the 5 days of PS+ that was given as well. That equates to 120 hours of time since most people on here game 24 hours per day. Plus, this didn't affect everyone. I guess that's not good enough either. Gamers now days never satisfied.

And the first comment on here wanted $10! Really!!! A year subscription is $50 so that @ $4 a month. So almost 2 and 1/2 months of service for being out a few days. I'm really confused here. WOW!!!!! When you put it into perspective it sounds a little greedy...oh well...Today's gamers 0_o

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