GF Review: Resident Evil HD Remaster

Everyone has those gaming memories that are etched in their minds forever. They are those times spent with controller in hand when they were completely and utterly consumed, blown away and mesmerized by a game unlike anything that had ever existed before. For me that top moment takes me back to a summer morning in 1996. After a night out with friends we decided to work off the effects of the previous evening’s beverages by popping a new game into the PlayStation. What followed must have been a rip in the Space/Time continuum because before the three of us knew it, it was 15 hours later, the sun had set and I had a new favorite video game.

That game of course was the original Resident Evil game in Capcom’s now long running series that has spawned numerous sequels and films and is commonly considered a masterpiece and a granddaddy of the survival horror genre. In 2002 a Resident Evil remake landed on the GameCube to much adulation due in large part to a vastly improved presentation and several minor control improvements. Fast forward another twelve years and we are seeing a remastered version of the remake with a new coat of paint, new scares, improved audio and control options. My only hope was that the remastered version of this classic would capture the nostalgia and awe I feel for that first Resident Evil memory almost twenty years ago?

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