What will Windows 10 mean for gaming?

"So is Windows 10 going to be a good thing for gamers, or another flop? Time will tell. But for now at least, Windows 10 feels like a step in the right direction after the disaster of Windows 8 – even if it isn’t likely to be the revolution that many were hoping for. Many of the new features are nice to have, if not essential, and the potential benefits for Xbox One owners are exciting. But Microsoft’s seeming reluctance to embrace PC gaming again and develop new games in the strategy and sim genre is disappointing."

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ContinuePlay1335d ago

You'll likely notice that we don't mention Hololens in the article. That's deliberate; we're looking at doing a separate feature on Hololens, once we know more about the technology that isn't so reliant on marketing spiel and third-party accounts.

SteamPowered1335d ago

You just made an apt description of the Kinect 2.0. Probably wise to be wary.

wynams1335d ago

4K resolutions @ 60 FPS on non-dedicated gpus according to the MS propaganda machine

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ContinuePlay1335d ago

Do you have a link to an official statement where they say that? We've not heard anything that suggests they're making those claims, even from the corporation themselves.

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mhunterjr1335d ago

Why are people still claiming MS doesn't care about PC gaming. The way they are rolling out windows 10 all but ensures that DX12 will be heavily adopted by developers. They don't have to be the ones making the PC games, but they are doing a good just giving developers the tools to make better PC Games.

3ndulg31335d ago

OK then PS 120fps 1080p gameplay still boring,Xbox one has swag live with it.