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"Just in case you missed Saints Row IV back when it released in August 2013, Deep Silver and Volition are giving everyone another chance to experience this madcap game, this time on the shiny new generation of consoles. Absolutely nothing has changed between the two versions across the generations, other than price point for the game ($60 back then, $30 now) and the addition of all of the DLC. As such, I was really hoping to just point everyone toward our original review for Saints Row IV, but it seems that the game was never graced with an original view as Vader obviously doesn’t like silly things or have a sense of humor. Fortunately, I do love the silly and I love games that refuse to take themselves seriously and make fun of themselves at every chance they get. So much so, in fact, I was willing to play through Saints Row IV twice, once when it originally released in 2013 and recently with Saints Row IV: Re-elected for the new generation of consoles. You are all welcome."

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