Geoff Keighley planning The Game Awards 2015

"Geoff Keighley tried something different for The Game Awards. There were fewer celebrities, a greater emphasis on developers and gaming culture, and Spike TV was not at all involved. Overall, most would say The Game Awards were far better than Spike’s Video Game Awards (later VGX).

The Game Awards’ success means that another show is planned for 2015. During his panel at PAX South today, Keighley confirmed that he’s looking towards bringing it back. Just don’t expect to hear anything until much, much later in the year."

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JoeMcCallister1337d ago

Good - I liked the show honestly, a little too long, but it keyed in on some very cool aspects of the industry. Recognizing people like TB, Boogie, Lindsey Stirling, etc was great - just for the love of god find a different word than "World Premiere"

jay21337d ago

The annoucments were crap for the most part, I hope he has at least something close to a decent annoument to make it worth while.

TXIDarkAvenger1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

It's not an announcement show. It's not E3 and it's not TGS. It's an award show.

That being said, they need to improve the way awards were given out. He was in the audience and handing them their award which was pretty unprofessional.

Starbucks_Fan1336d ago

There are going to be SO MANY good games this year, maybe they should have 2 GOTY awards <_<

Dhampir1336d ago

I assume he's still bringing doritos and mountain dew.

BiggCMan1336d ago

Can we stop with this nonsense? Geoff Keighley has gone further in the games industry than you and me ever will. And he is passionate about them just like we are.

But he is still someone who needs sponsorships for his presentations, otherwise we wouldn't even have awards shows. He is the only person with a real drive to keep doing one each year, whether people think they are good or not.

He's trying hard every year, and 2014s was a giant leap in the right direction. Get over this Doritos shit, it's old.

Dhampir1336d ago

As a developer, I think I've gone further than being a journalist. But then maybe you think journalists do more than designers, programmers, and artists.

Blank1336d ago

Relax friend, sure the jokes are old but I still laugh at it my ancient ass was even going to post something of that sort myself I mean the dude is sponsored by mountain dew and doritos. Its not insulting to bring up what he gets paid to advertise it anything its helping those brands.

Dudebro901336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

2 hours, more rewards, less indie reveals that are two or more years out.

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