Are Microsoft taking PC gaming seriously again? – Windows 10 presentation impressions

Dealspwn: "For us gamers, it seems that Microsoft have a real opportunity to bring console and PC gaming together in a very real way, and to make the hideous mess that was Games For Windows Live a distant memory.

But are they up to the task?"

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Blues Cowboy1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago ) They're definitely taking Xbox One advertising and holograms seriously though.

Okay, that's a bit harsh I admit. Like what they've promised about DX12 and think the streaming has legs, especially if they can get it working both ways. PC -> XO would make for a truly "all in one" console.

TXIDarkAvenger1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

uh not really. Streaming Xbox One to PC isn't taking the PC community seriously. However, there will be cross platform play which is nice, could mean more games coming from MS to the PC.

DanzoSAMA1306d ago

i wish play HALO 5 on my PC.

lemoncake1306d ago

Seems microsoft just killed off any real chance that steamos had of making an impact, valve have really missed a good opportunity by taking so long.

SteamPowered1306d ago

I wish Valve would just say if SteamOs is dead or not. I would dual-boot if it was worth the effort.

s45gr321305d ago

Maybe or maybe not,it all depends whether Valve can surpass what Microsoft has shown or it is equal to what Microsoft offers.

SteamPowered1306d ago

Will X1` do remote-streaming to laptops or does it have to be on the same network?

dazzrazz1306d ago

Why on earth would anybody wanna stream from inferior hardware with artifacting and input lag ...

Godz Kastro1306d ago

They are streaming 1080p/60fps so no pixelation.

1305d ago
mhunterjr1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Maybe someone is using the television where the Xbox is hooked up...

Also, it doesn't make sense to assume the Xbox is inferior to the device being streamed to... It works on all windows tablets and PCs, not just gaming PCs.

I'm probably going to use it often when I simply don't feel like taking the trek to the man cave.

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