The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's New Gameplay Trailer Shows Snow Capped Mountains, Monsters and More

All new gameplay trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt teases upcoming and extensive coverage. Take a look.

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vishmarx971d ago

god damn.
i hope its a 10/10 game

Bansai971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

<shivering with anticipation>

AngelicIceDiamond971d ago

One of my most anticipated games of this year.

Walker971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

The level of detail and graphical density for a game of that scale is unbelievable.

Also That dodge in seccond gif looks so good, reminds me of the Slumbering dragon fight in one of the Dark Souls 2 DLCs.

KnightRobby971d ago

It's definitely GOTY contender! Can't wait to play it. I can't imagine what their other team is doing with Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED is just so insanely talented.

Yi-Long971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Not just talented, but unlike other developers, they'll release a complete game without DLC-milking.

Day 1 for me. I'll reward devs like that with a full price purchase.

joab777971d ago

Can you imagine a fully open world gorgeous rpg with the cd projekt red's storytelling and souls - like combat? Damn!

The combat in W2 was really good but too many ppl complained it wasn't hard enough. I thought by the end it was much too easy. Here's to hoping that mister hunts etc. will provide a serious challenge for us. If it doesn't this could b one of the best games ever made.

DarkOcelet971d ago

Did you even finish it on Insane mode, let alone Dark mode. I say it had some really challenging locations.

Dark11971d ago

Nah i don't want anything related to souls in my witcher.

DarkOcelet971d ago

I think they will use the best of both consoles. They are not Ubisoft.

d_g971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

shut up the game looks great

now sony fans will make new hashtag on twitter

DarkOcelet971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

If that is the Xone version then damn, it looks really stunning. This game is gonna be amazing.

Greyfoxdbz971d ago

It's probably the PC version using an Xbox controller. They do this more often than not

Roccetarius971d ago

Giving people hands on experience with the game definitely speaks volumes about their confidence. The video just gives me more reason to upgrade before release, in order to take advantage of the work on the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.