4 Games That Should Seriously Consider Going to Hell

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell managed to be quite the interesting title. Here are some other games that can find success in the underworld.

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Neixus1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Biggest bait article I've ever seen.

Then i realized you meant hell as an game location, LOL.
An even more mythical Uncharted in hell would be sweet.

GribbleGrunger1220d ago

We're starting early with this Sony exclusive.

Neixus1220d ago

Someone who did not get the article..?

GribbleGrunger1220d ago

Yes, of course, because everyone who reads the title will also read the article. Smart journalist will avoid writing a headline for clicks, bad journalist would write a headline they know would get clicks. Are you telling me people would have clicked that link because it sounded positive? I don't care what the contents are, the author of this piece has deliberately used the negative climate to garner hits.

Neixus1220d ago

Yes, I agree with you, but then write a comment regarding the baity title instead.

Your comment makes the article actually seem even more to sh*t on these titles.

TheLastColossus1220d ago

Worst article of the year so far

BootHammer1220d ago

Clever title, LOL. Not sure how Drake would fare in climbing Hell's caverns.