Next-Gen's 30 Most Anticipated Games of E3

Next-Gen writes: "Wondering what to keep an eye on at this year's E3? We break it down for you, presenting the games of the show that are most likely to be the biggest commercial and critical hits.

In choosing games for this list, we kept an eye on games most likely to succeed at the market. We also tried to keep in mind potential critical reception based on developer track record, previous franchise performance, and how the titles have been presented in the media thus far. Naturally we also picked the titles we are most excited to play at the show, but in short, these are the games to keep an eye on, because these are the games that will be the toughest market competition in the next twelve months."

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staub913694d ago

Me want Little Big Planet....and God of War 3....

Oh and everything else.

butterfinger3694d ago

to see some God of War 3 progress especially since Sony is know so well for hyping a game way before it comes out. I truly hope that GOW3 makes its March 09 date. I would also like to see something new about LA Noire... I really hope it wasn't canceled, that game looked amazing in the trailers. It looked like a Black Dahlia-era, open world, shooter.

Nitrowolf23694d ago

im Definitly looking forwardto LBP
anyone knows if this game has an actual story line?
and im somewhat hoping it isnt just Online play like Warhawk was. Warhawk was a great game, but when i lost my internet it sucked cause i could no longer play it.

butterfinger3694d ago

I saw an interview on x-play I think, with one of the guys from Media Molecule (LBP devs). He said that the game would have a story-mode in it with up to 4 player co=op, and progressing through the story would unlock certain items that you can use to build your own levels. I'm pretty sure that this will not be online-only, but I'm sure it will be very online centered.

Nitrowolf23694d ago

Thx for the info here a bubble

CrazzyMan3694d ago

Though, it would be nice to see some footage of GoW3. =)

harrisk9543694d ago

Ummm... how about God of War 3??? I don't know, but I would think that God of War would get a gamer more excited than High School Musical.... or maybe it's just me!

PS3forTheLose3694d ago

Get ready for Gears. It will be so huge that it will blow every other game out the window.

HateBoy3694d ago

Besides the inclusion of high school musical 3, and the absence of GOW3, that was a pretty good list. I would also like to see something of the THQ game Darksiders which looks very interesting.
Hope they show a lot of FFXIII footage as I've never been a fan of the series and I'm hoping this one changes my mind.

Pnuts3693d ago

Killzone 2 and Resistence 2, also Home

cLiCK_sLiCK93693d ago

High School Musical..yay! scarcasm/
What About God Of War 3 And Twisted Metal PS3..=(
Doesnt Matter Anyways..this article is only someones OPINION , no need to get all butthurt.

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Sonics0203694d ago

High School Musical???? Is that a sick practical joke? Please say High School Musical is not on a list of top 30 most anticipated games. This list is really a joke missed a few big ones such as God of War 3, Motorstorm, Socom, Alan Wake, and Too Human.

butterfinger3694d ago

I truly thought about not reading the rest of the list after I saw HSM3. I am truly shocked that God of War 3 and Alan Wake were absent as well.

Nitrowolf23694d ago

how [email protected]
i know as soon as my sister see a commercial for the game she is gonna ask me if she can get it and play on my system
ill be like "HEll No B!TCH"

micro_invader3694d ago

This list is an abomination. High school musical!? Give me a f'ing break.

MK_Red3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

WTF are Borderlands and Beyond Good & Evil 2 doing in such low place near High School Musical!? Also, WTF is Halo Wars doing among top 10!?

At least they got Fallout 3's place right (NUMBER ONE!!). FALLOUT FTW!

Bolts3694d ago

This list is boring as hell. Just goes to show how much E3 sucks now a days.

Transporter473694d ago

but this fallout is not going to be as good as the true fallout like fallout 1, 2, and tactics, everything else like this fallout 3 which is fallout by name only is going to suck which i'm disappointed terribly

MK_Red3694d ago

Kinda agreed Fanboi but there is still hope for surprise showing of God of War 3 or Killer Instinct 3.

Transporter47, I agree that F3 won't come near Fallout 1 & 2 but even a fraction of 90s glory can be the year's best. Look at 2007. It's best game was BioShock. A simplified version of System Shock 2.

Also, Tactics was awesome but not Fallout awesome :D

Captain Tuttle3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Not "Fallout 1 & 2" good, but I enjoyed it. I had forgotten about Borderlands...that one really interests me. Can't wait to see some new info.

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mindedone3694d ago

Why would they not say PS3 like trophies for Argonauts as opposed to Xbox-live like trophies, considering that one actually HAS (edit: will have) trophies and the other doesn't.

I know I'm asking for a deluge of "what trophies?" comments, but the question still stands.

Gam713694d ago

It actually says
"acquisition of Xbox Live Achievement-like trophies."

So I'm guessing the game has it's own system in which you get the trophies like in so many games from over the years and the previewer has used the word trophies to describe it.
He should have realised that now $ony has used it it now means their gimmick and nothing else.

TheColbertinator3694d ago

Fallout,eh?Maybe it will be good.I trust Bethesda and hopefully it comes out perfect.Alan Wake and God of War 3 aren't there?These two will own.

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