2015 is the Year You Need a Bigger Vita Memory Card

CheatCC says - "This is it. 2015 is the year every Vita owner has been waiting for. The other handheld has gradually been growing in terms of popularity and support in all camps. Sony's giving the Vita and PlayStation TV its due, developers and publishers are putting more games on it, and people are realizing how great the handheld can be. The result is a five month period at the start of this year in which at least 15 games people will want to own are released. Bear in mind, I say at least because the indie scheduling is so tenuous. Sometimes, you won't know a game is due until a few weeks before it appears."

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Snookies121303d ago

I have a 32 GB, so that keeps me going pretty nicely. Although it's filled to capacity right now. Granted, there are games I don't really play on there, that I could delete for space.

XisThatKid1303d ago

64GB and yes I agreeb2015 will be the Shaz for Vita

RosweeSon1303d ago

Yeah 32gb is sufficient I have plently of PsOne classics (20-30) and also about 20 vita games. Need to get through walking dead season one so I can delete and install metal gear collection but can't play more than one game at a time... As much as love a full dashboard/menus of gaming gold ;) the biggest of games rarely over 3/3.5gb and the indie games can barely clock 100 mb, and also got about 6 Psp games on there as well GTA vice city, Liberty City stories and metal gear peace walker amongst others, plenty of space, specially once I clear out walking dead/little big planet or another beasty 2/3gb game sure it'll all be that much more manageable ;) 64gb would be nice but as you say just a load of games that would hardly get used I'd prefer a refined selection that I'd happily play each and every one ;) great system tho

Rockets121303d ago

Normally I prefer to get retail games because I love having the box and game, but I think I'm going to have to buy a bigger memory card. I have had my vita basically since it came out, and I have survived with only an 8GB card. I feel like im missing out on so many games like FF X2 (bought already, but I havent beaten FFX/downloaded it yet),Toukiden (I believe the new one is digital only), SS Delta, the Atelier series, SAO, MLB 15 and the plethora of psp/psone games that I want. This isnt even counting any upcoming games I want, that I'm not sure if it is digital only. Basically I need to get a bigger memory card. I feel like the 32GB should be enough

Ultr1303d ago

I bought the 32gb card. Its kina good. But I have to delete from time to time.
Though been 2 months that I bought freedom wars and aince then there was no need to delete as that game is just...amazing...and damn addicting...!

RosweeSon1303d ago

I would nornally prefer retail and I did have Killzone, tearaway and a couple of others but one fully digital on this console all on a 32gb massive selection of games and yeah gotta delete and move stuff every now and again but it's not a daily occurrence ;) and with the price of the digital games generally or in sales or even free with ps+ is hard to ignore.

Remy_S1303d ago

My 64gb card is already filled to the brim with games, I constantly have to delete older ones to make room. I really wish Sony would make a 128gb card so I could just import it and be set for this year.

jholden32491303d ago

128gb? You'd spend more on that than the cost of the Vita itself lol...

WeAreLegion1303d ago

I have 3 32 GB and 2 16 GB. I still need more room.

superchiller1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I have one 64gb in my "digital only" Vita, one 32gb in my "cart only" vita, and one 32gb in my PSTV. Would love to get a 128gb if Sony would release one, because my 64gb card has only about 3gb free right now, and I have no room at all on my PSTV card. Too many fantastic games, not enough space.

Eidolon1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

damn dude, that's a lot of Vita stuff.$, do you at least have a PS4? lol

susanto12281303d ago

tad too late needed a bigger cheaper version long ago already sold both me and my wife's PSvita and won't be getting them anymore

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