RPG Reload File 022 - 'RPG Quest - Minimae'

TouchArcade: I'm not going to lie, next week's Reload is a bit of a doozy, so for this week, I wanted something a little on the lighter side. When that's what you're craving, nothing says zero calories quite like RPG Quest - Minimae [$1.99]. Yes, I'm spelling it without the funny latin character 'æ'. Japanese keyboards are hard enough to deal with as it is. Anyway, Minimae is a minimalist RPG adventure from indie developer P1XL, a small team that makes a lot of great retro throwbacks. The game first released on iOS in November of 2009, those glorious days when the iPhone 3GS was the hottest piece of kit around and Lady Gaga had just unleashed "Bad Romance". As long ago as that seems, Minimae is actually even older than that.

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