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Gaming Trend Editor Ron Burke concludes "Grey Goo wildly exceeds all expectations for presentation and gameplay. While there are a few issues with cheating and infinite units in single player, the multiplayer is rock solid. The Goo itself presents an all-new twist to the RTS world, and any fan of the genre should experience it. Grey Goo is the best RTS title I’ve played in a very long time."

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Roccetarius1305d ago

Downloading it right now with my less than stellar internet connection. It's good to see some classic RTS action. :)

traumadisaster1305d ago

Interesting but not sure how I could spend $50 on it...maybe 6.99. I know that's just sad all the way around, I have such a backlog I don't care about new games much anymore, knowing they will be on sale by the time I could ever get to them.