Don’t Know Which 2015 AAA Titles to Get? Here’s a Guide

Now that 2015 is upon us, it’s time to take a look at what is in store for this year in video games! First up are new AAA multiplatform games due out this year.

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Magicite1057d ago

This year will be huge! Theres something for everyone (except kalkano).
So many RPGs and open world games, hype is high!

kalkano1057d ago

Correction: So many action-RPGs. If you're not a fan of those, there's not a lot to look forward to.

3-4-51056d ago

what kalk ?

There are like 4-5 Action RPG's......that is like 5% of all the games releasing in 2015.

kalkano1056d ago

@3-4-5: That was in response to "So many RPGs and open world games".

trenso11057d ago

so what do you even plan on playing this year?

medman1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )


Surely, with all the titles that have been announced for 2015, there have to be some you're looking forward to. I call bull on your comment sir. I call bull.

kalkano1056d ago

If Bravely Second gets localized, I'll buy it. But, I can't get really excited about a handheld game.

Neonridr1057d ago

Batman and The Division are the only two I am watching closely at this point..

EdMcGlone1057d ago

I'm really hoping the division is OK because I was really impressed with what I saw at E3 last year.

MysticStrummer1057d ago

Dying Light will probably be my first AAA purchase this year unless some really horrible feedback shows up soon, but right now I'd pay for a Planetside 2 PS4 beta code. : /

shammgod1057d ago

Dying light looks pretty cool so far. Type O definitely, plus to get the XV demo. Witcher 3 FO SHO!

WeAreLegion1057d ago

I'm buying almost all of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.