Why Virtual Reality is Better Than Augmented Reality for Gaming

PCWorld - "Let's get this out of the way: I have not tried out Microsoft's new augmented reality HoloLens device yet. That means it's extremely dangerous for me to write this article. There's a chance I come to regret all the words I'm about to write—that in twenty or thirty years some poor child with HoloLens eyes looks up at me from the ashes of the apocalypse and says, "Old man, what's the dumbest article you ever wrote?" And I'll say, "The time I wrote that HoloLens (and augmented reality in general) is not great for gaming.""

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JoGam1303d ago

Lol. So I guess in 2015 the new thing to compare and fight over is AR vs VR.

hkgamer1303d ago

ar can be ok. its a totally different experience but it can work similar to how illumiroom was going to be. basicaly have things flying out of the tv. it also makes more sense then other ar use we have at this moment. best thing about it is that you can wear it and not have thiefs running into your house and stealing everything without you noticing =P

anyway, its a different experience and it really is up to the user. for me personally, i wont be using any within the next few years. needs to be more advanced with a clear direction for me to get into it.

MurDocINC1303d ago

VR is better but it still makes people sick after 1-2 hours due do to slow motion response, slow display refresh rate, low rez and this big thing pressing down on your skull.
AR seems like lighter option that won't make people sick. So I think AR is great tech till VR sorts out its problems.

Farmassy1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Honest question: can the ar not do vr? I mean if you could have virtual holograms anywhere in your field of vision, why can't you just use it to cover all of your vision with an image?... its already tracking your head movements and doing 3d images so what is the big deal?

Is there something I am not understanding about the hololens?... it seems to me like the hardware is fully capable of doing VR as well as AR

donthate1303d ago


I was about to say that, that AR with complete covering of field of view would be VR. The question then is how good is the experience and how good is the resolution?

It is still not clear how the HoloLens creates its images on your eye.....

So in theory, you would rather want AR, because it can do VR, while VR cannot do AR because of the lack of proper depth other than simulated depth.

gangsta_red1303d ago

I literally said the same thing below.
From the demo shown it and from what another person who tried the it said they were transported to Mars.

The AR covered their whole real environment with a Mars landscape setting.

Could this be possible with games, and if so then VR is created. And now MS has the best of both worlds.

Yetter1303d ago

I'm certainly intrigued but the idea of sitting in front of my TV with a controller and play a game with HUD elements pinned around the TV on my walls anyway I'd like.

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Magicite1303d ago

why none of both wont have casual market appeal for years.

WeAreLegion1303d ago

You stop that. They'll both be great for gaming and they already are.

Spid3r61303d ago

Adding a camera to a vr system is not AR....Your depth of field is misconstrued because you have a difference of depth between the camera and your eye... Ar should be clear lens. Also the camera adds cost and then you have to worry about high res output as well with added weight for battery.

Fatal-Aim1303d ago

Tell that to eye pet or wonder book: book of potions, spells, nightcrawlers, and walking with dinosaurs, and that's withe 2d camera.

rainslacker1303d ago

Camera lenses weigh less than an ounce, and the power would probably be supplied by whatever is powering the lenses.

Differences in DOF would have to be compensated for by the software, or use a different focal length in the lens of the camera. The most obvious place to put the camera would be right between the eyes which would mean the difference would be minimal with the proper focal length on the lens.

So yes, you can make a VR system into an AR system. AR is already done on TV's and portable devices without any problem, the only difference here is that the AR environment isn't being displayed on the screen, and only the AR elements are being processed. A VR system would require displaying the entire environment with the AR elements processed within.

n4rc1303d ago

"Let's get this out of the way.. I have not used the tech I'm referring to so the following is me talking out of my ass"

Lol.. That's how I read the sub headline..

Its fine to discuss pros and con's.. But cmon dude... A new gadget got shown and you want hits but weren't invited to the event

Ozmoses1303d ago

Just wait until Augmented Virtual Reality comes out... AVR

combine them both...

WeAreLegion1303d ago

They have that on phones, currently. Try Google Cardboard. It would be nice to see it in these bigger devices though.

specialguest1303d ago

ARV can be possible if a camera is integrated to view your environment outside.

bleedsoe9mm1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

i can see myself using AR allot more and for longer periods of time , if that has any effect on the answer . clossing yourself completely off from the world might be cool in short burst but doesn't fit the way i consume games today .

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