Reality Check - Did Microsoft just make VR obsolete?

Clearly the 2 technologies are different, and there are significant advantages to both. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that both ideas will be able to thrive in tandem. Consumers and businesses will make a choice, and there is every chance that one of these concepts will fall by the wayside.

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kalkano1127d ago

LOL! NO! Virtual Reality blows this out of the water, for gaming. If I can see my house, my immersion has been destroyed.

Volkama1127d ago

I pretty much agree, but I don't know if the hardcore gamer crowd is enough to make VR a success commercially.

I can see VR expanding to offer that perfectly immersive gaming concept to people that never even considered playing a game, but it'll need to be perfect for that to happen.

Hopefully VR does well, and if it doesn't take off then maybe Facebook will keep throwing money at it until it does :)

Ame_No_Shiryuu1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

It's simple, the people who's running the media is gotta eat too.., so it won't suprise me anymore how things work these days. Soo.., all these nonsense lately pretty much solved already

kalkano1127d ago

It'll still be useful beyond gaming. Movies, for instance.

PeaSFor1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

this article is super lame, AR and VR are two VERY different things, the blogger seem to be clueless about his own blog subject.

Testfire1127d ago

Here's the problem MS will face. Morpheus and OR are 2 platforms driving the VR market (there may be other, but not that I know of). That means devs can develop for both. A larger market with more potential for success. MS AR device will struggle to find devs outside of 1st party, especially with the smaller X1 install base.

Btw, both fascinate me and I want both to succeed. These are my childhood dreams finally coming to fruition and I hate the people that want devices to fail simply because of the company behind it.

AliTheSnake11127d ago

This isn't VR though. This is something you that can currently do with your phones and Vitas. They just took that tech and pushed the shit out of it.

Dee_911127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Unless this thing can completly block out the real world.Nope. Theres enough room for virtual reality and augmented reality :)

Volkama1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Out of curiosity, how many headsets do y'all expect to have? I can't see myself ending up with less than 3 (hololens, Morpheus, and whatever turns out best on PC) and that's before getting any extras for the family. But I own 3 different audio headsets, and even that is too many. Sure is a shame the industry haven't collaborated on some output standards!

Off-topic, 100 comments here and so far not a single hidden troll comment or well said. It's a little unnerving. Are we about to be ambushed?

donthate1127d ago

What about the "VR sickness" that people experience. Are people going to give it enough time to be able to deal with the sickness?

AR don't have "VR sickness" and can be likely used as VR experiene if the field of view is completely covered. AR can also be used for a lot of other practical things beyond just gaming and movies.

To me it seems, AR is the huge winner here including the ability to track your body, but can also use a controller.

There are far more limitations with VR unfortunately beyond just the cost.

Oner1127d ago

Article topic title ~

"Reality Check - Did Microsoft just make VR obsolete?"

Simple answer is No. Because VR can do AR while AR can only do a limited version of VR.

badz1491127d ago


because MS is doing it, it will kill everything in its path, right? /s

these so called journalists are hillarious!

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mhunterjr1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

What if it's a game about creatures who discover a portal to another dimesion where they encounter a giant being who has been manipulating them with an electrictronic device. But that portal happens to be your television screen, and you are that giant being with a controller...

AR could provide something like that, I could see that being pretty darn immersive...

VforVideogames1127d ago

Here's the answer to this article title : YES!!!

q8kik1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

And VR cant do that how ?
Instead, VR makes the portal without being inclined to the size of your TV/How big or small your room is .

mhunterjr1127d ago


VR can't do it because I idea of VR is make the user feel like the user is somewhere he isn't. They could make a portal, but the portal wouldn't be a pathway to your living room, it would be a pathway to another virtual world.... Which is also cool, but isn't at all like my suggestion.

DigitalRaptor1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I honestly couldn't take a game like that seriously.

You know, it may be fun, but it sounds casual as heck and worse than something like EyePet, seeing as that actually is a casual game, and the game you're describing sounds like it would try to be serious but end up falling flat. I'd like to see them try though - the more ideas in this industry the better.

KiwiViper851127d ago

I was thinking imagine playing a survival horror and a monster runs out of an open doorway in your house...

MysticStrummer1127d ago

That game better be free.

OT - No. AR and VR can each do well without negatively impacting the other.

Jaqen_Hghar1127d ago

ok so one gimmicky Nintendogs rip off game? Good concept now we need like...a lot more that sound a lot more interesting

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HaveSumNuts1127d ago

I'm to lazy to clean my room, on that point alone VR wins over AR.

True_Samurai1127d ago

It depends on what you want. Maybe some people wants to have immersion BUT also be AWARE of their surroundings just saying. Different strokes for different folks

ChrisChambers1127d ago

That's how I feel. If I use something like Oculus or Morpheus I'll lose my shit because I have to be aware of what's going on around me (holdover from deployment life)..Plus I have kids. HoloLens, if it works as advertised, will allow me to use it and still keep an eye on the hellions. In a perfect world I could use them all, but until the kids are older and I can trust myself not to flip out if someone creeps up on me, VR is out the window

Mega241127d ago

AR can still have some applications in Gaming, they actually gave a good one with minecraft. Each has its pros and cons.

Death1127d ago

I'm pretty sure you can overlay holograms over your existing visuals. This is how they do the Mars demo. I personally believe AR is more immersive depending on how the game is done. A horror game in VR takes you to a virtual world unlike your own. There is still a disconnect to it. An AR horror game in your home comfort zone will give you nightmares for weeks. AR blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. VR is straight fantasy until it can mimmick reality which is a long way away.

Foxhound9221127d ago

Vr is more immersive, by far. How is there a disconnect when literally the only thing you can see is the game your playing. How is are simple 3d hovering images being displayed in your own surroundings more immersive? "Omg look honey, if you look past our pile of dirty laundry, and before the picture of you in your bikini, you can see a little gremlin"

Vr is the greatest firm of immersion with the exception of processing the game within your brain.

Death1127d ago


The problem with VR and immersion is it only tracks your head. Throw on the Rift and look down at your hands. What do you see? Put on Google glass and look down at your hands and what do you see? On rift you may or may not see something that resembles your hands and you may actually see your fingers move around, but it's pretty unlikely since tech like Morpheus can only see the light on the Dualshock and helmet. Not being able to see yourself isn't a great step towards immersion. Seeing parts of you moving without your input or with lag is confusing at best. The amount of processing power needed to simulate reality is huge. What we have seen so far in tech demos for VR hasn't been overly impressive as far as graphic fidelity goes.

Ch1d0r11127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Casuals will love this!

I would actually love this if it could clean up my house.

BallsEye1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Did you try VR? I did, starting from the super old ones on wolfenstein to oculus.

Hololens can make you not see your house, see the nasa demo. It feels very natural they say. I saw plenty of complaints about VR from people who used it often and long, making them feel dizzy, some even puked.I'm not suprised, used oculus just few times in a local bar and while it was cool, the resolution is still very crap, and it just feels awkward. Imagine you have VR on your head playng fps game and still looking around by using thumbstick (thats actually the only good way to play a shooter in VR) must be confusing. I think you have zero imagination. Hololens can make anything possible and it can behave as your normal VR. Best thing is, you are not disconnected from the real world, you enhance it.

KiwiViper851127d ago

Microsofts AR is so high tech, It makes VR look like a screen strapped to your face.

StarLord_Who1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

How will your immersion be destroyed if you're being brought in to a place of comfort like your own ( your parents) house?

That's like saying "it is stupid to film a horror in the suburbs" when that has been very successful for decades because the suburban neighbourhood offers a comfort level that can help immersion and make it very bad when that comfort is taken away.

Yetter1127d ago

They are certainly different and I'm definitely looking forward to getting my oculus but if the game is taking place in my house, and I can move around freely without using a thumbstick to walk, I'd call that more immersive

3-4-51127d ago

* Both of these together will help "Different" gaming progress.

Not sure if it ends up a mixture of both, something like being able to jump from real life view to "game view" at the blink of an eye.

Almost like you enter a new dimension or place in time, but it would be that virtual world.

* It would take place in real time, and you could come and go as you please.

* It would literally be a 2nd world or 2nd existence that anybody with the device can enter or exist as they please, from anywhere, while wearing the device.

* These two together will get us there.

CaptainObvious8781127d ago

Has anyone else noticed media outlets just seem to be blindly prasing this AR from MS? Where as when Sony announced Morpheus there were a lot of skeptics.

I just find that double standard interesting.

Killzoner991127d ago

When you realize Microsoft owns or pays most of these so called journalist then it's not very surprising at all. Sony is constantly being down played and demonized in the media. Perfect example The Order 1886, which is an amazing game yet the media have crucified it before it has even been released smh. That's why I have so much respect for Sony as a company. They can take the hits and STILL succeed.
As for VR becoming obsolete because of these vaporware goggles? LOL , sorry but no. VR is a real thing that is actually going to be released and used for gaming. It is a PROVEN technology that has been in development for the last 20+ years lol. Do you think the people working on VR are going to waste millions of dollars of research and jump ship to the HollowLens? The industry has spoken and VR is the future.

rainslacker1127d ago

I've noticed there's a lot of praise without a lot of details on how it works.

It's cool tech and all, but it appears to be AR like it's always been implemented...just you now wear it on your head instead of it putting you or the room on the screen.

I think both technologies will have an uphill battle in consumer adoption, but I think VR will do better simply because people understand what it is.

srd44841127d ago

MS is a huge company that reaches out to hundreds of millions of people. If they went with VR for mainly gaming they wouldnt see much profit. So they went with AR to reach more than just gamers. They'll be more successful this way. And you're not competing with the other 2-3 VR devices. Smart move. Looks great so far. Can't wait to buy one.

blackout1127d ago

Microsoft is making this thing for the masses. Developers are going to go crazy with how broad this can be. Sony fans this is the difference between a conglomerate like Microsoft and fan boys who don't understand how business works. You guys better pray that Steam app doesn't get announced soon.

Azzanation1127d ago

VR is crap, I don't like wearing a head piece while playing games, I would rather just play them without a $200+ piece of equipment on my head.

VR like many times before it wont take off, just like the PS Move. If its not standard with the console then it has a high chance of failing including Hololens except Hololens will be available to a bigger market so even that wont take off as easy as people think. If I had to choose between the 2 ill go Hololens, because all is requires is to wear glasses and unlike VR, AR is completely different to playing a game while VR is basically the same thing.

Kidmyst1126d ago

I think each will be different enough to have it's benefits and features that if both are fully taken advantage of in software we could see dual purpose devices doing both in the future. VR will be great immersive fun, and imagine this holographic stuff being added to movies, sports, etc. Watch a movie and during the movie see bonus holographic items. Even playing games and having a 3d map in front of you for FPS or open world games. I'm now excited for both and will buy an Xbone for this if it turns out well.

kalkano1126d ago

For sports, I think VR will work better. It can place you in a seat in the arena. It's something that's already been talked about, in the industry.

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Dewitt1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

You can have it scan your room and choose where you want to place holograms or if you want to completely eliminate the objects from the space.

"“Is it real?” I ask. I’m looking around at the landscape of Mars, where a dusty, rocky desert stretches in every direction, reddish mountains rising in the distance. It looks so vivid, so strangely plausible that it’s hard to believe that I’m actually looking at the surface of another planet and not the set of a sci-fi movie."

Also, you can turn any space including walls in the house into a huge projection screen, viewing your gaming content in a completely unique way.

"More interesting than the bats, however, is what the explosion leaves behind: a digital breach in the wall that seems to open up a window into a whole other little world lined with veins of ore. I want to keep going, digging deep into the wall to find out what other treasures it contains, but the men from Microsoft politely inform me that there isn’t time. Reluctantly, I walk back to the chair where they will reclaim the HoloLens, dropping as many torches as I can en route with frantic Redrum gestures."


Volkama1127d ago

So far there are no tech demoes that allow you to move around any area beyond the confines of the room though. The Mars one in particular, let you see well into the distance but obviously you couldn't walk to it, and there was no way to move beyond those confines.

Maybe moving around with a control pad will be intuitive and fine. Maybe the headset lacks the hardware resources to do that. Maybe seeing Mars move but not the room screws with the mind.

Being able to move around will be pretty critical a lot of types of game...

Dewitt1127d ago

"When I walk towards a nearby desk with a computer, I notice that that Martian landscape disappears beneath it, rather than projecting over it; users can designate areas where they don’t want holograms to appear, which is especially useful if you want to interact with the holograms using a computer. They encourage me to hold the mouse, and when I move the cursor off the screen, it appears suddenly within the holograph as though the Martian landscape has become an extension of my desktop."

Did you even read the article? It is fully compatible with a mouse/keyboard at this stage, of course it will compatible with the XB1 controller and many other peripherals.

Volkama1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Yes, but I read another article where it was confirmed that you cannot move around the surface of Mars right now. They said they hope to implement that feature later.

Using a keyboard an mouse around a static area does not address the point, unless you could click-to-move or drag your way around the terrain and right now you can't....

Not really after an argument though. I'm sure we'll see more of what HoloLens can do before long.

Death1127d ago

Don't the same rules apply to VR? How much walking around are you doing completely blind? You can move with the controller, but you are stationary. I would imagine the most optimal place to use either technology would be a large open room. AR has the ability to change the landscaping and layout if the room is free from obstructions.

Volkama1127d ago

@Death at the moment AR does not allow you to move around with a controller while being physically stationary. That wasn't featured in any of the 4 tech demoes, including the surface of mars.

It seems like it should be an obvious thing, and maybe it wasn't deemed worth showing but it is a little curious in it's absence so far.

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iNFAMOUZ11127d ago

id like both, but i see myself loving vr more, i have to see if ar is fun or not, but as of right now at least for me vr takes the cake, cause your whole field of view is another world, you can get lost in, and ar well your still in your world with virtual stuff popping up, have to wait and see on ar

mhunterjr1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

No. They are two completely different approaches asn they both have their own merits. I can think of tons of scenario's that could be done with Hololens that couldn't be done with a VR headset. I can think of tons of scenario's that could be done with VR, that couldn't be done with Hololens in its current state...

Depending on the final resolution and FOV of the AR display however, theoretically, MS's AR goggle's could produce a hologram that encompasses your entire peripheral vision, making it effectively a VR device as well... The current build however, had a tiny FOV compared to the VR HMDs.

medman1127d ago

VR is more immersive, and would be what I personally prefer, to get lost in a game world or non gaming experience...but I would like to play around with AR too. There is a market for both....I for one am glad to see Sony and Microsoft doing different things with the technology.

Death1127d ago

I disagree VR is more immersive. To me, blending fantasy with reality is much more immersive. With AR, you are still you and not an avatar. How can you get more immersive than reality? I will agree you can escape reality more with VR, but that is the opposite effect.

rainslacker1127d ago

Think it depends on what the developer is trying to achieve. If the dev is making a fantasy world, then you certainly don't want to see your ratty couch and gerbil cage while fighting a dragon in a cave.

If the dev wants to make a horror game that takes place in your living room, then AR would probably work better.

However, there is no reason that VR HMD's couldn't do what AR ones do, but would likely require some kind of camera on the unit.

In the end, I still think this hololens is just projecting images over the environment like current AR does, and it's not actually holographic at all. This means the images will always be 2D, and the 3D is simulated in real time. If that's the case, lag could cause some of the same problems we see with VR headsets.

MonsterChef1127d ago

I don't get your logic here, you seem to have a strong belief that a game developer is going to specially make for you a game that's tailored to your house do you see the logic of that. "Ohh ar is so more immeressive I'm in my house running from a monster"and there goes another element that brings a problem what's your weapon what can you use do you have to use your gamingpad (knocking off the immersive feel) or does it incorporate real objects into virtual ar objects again knocking the immersion but seeing your a Microsoft fanboy anything they do is the greatest thing since slice bread