New Multiplayer Mode Is Coming To Destiny Soon, Dubbed Double Skirmish

If you love playing Destiny, you’ll love a new multiplayer addition to this game. The developer of the game, Bungie, is going to release a new PvP mode for Destiny, called Double Skirmish. Of course, there are certain requirements that you need to meet if you want to be able to play this mode in your game. If you are a PlayStation gamer, you will require a PlayStation Plus account in order to play this mode. This mode will also be available for Xbox One platform.

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JWiLL5521188d ago

I'd rather have capture the flag (or relic) rather than a smaller skirmish team.

PVP is a ton of fun in this game, just needs more objective based modes.

The_KELRaTH1188d ago

Another skirmish mode that isn't Skirmish!!

skirmish = human v AI

I'd have much preferred a 5 flag CTF and mode variants like 1 type of weapon, weapon progression etc

mayberry1188d ago

Only thing I don't like about destiny is crucible. Very much a "twitch" shooter, I like more shooters that lean toward tactical.
When I spawn in crucible, I always go the opposite direction that it puts me and my game has improved greatly! The default spawn always put you in the enemys line of fire, and frustrated me to no end! now I have
come in first place several times after being last place forever! "hint", when you spawn, do a 360, and you will
get a kill istead a death, comfirmed for me!