New Pokken Tournament Trailer Released, Unveils New Playable Pokemon

A new trailer for Pokken Tournament was unveiled today in Japan revealing many new playable characters such as Pikachu, Suicune and Gardevoir.

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hkgamer1127d ago

pikachu looks bad ass.

KingDustero1127d ago

This right here is a great example of how Nintendo has no clue what they're doing anymore. This game looks bad ass and be an amazing system seller for the Wii U. However they're not releasing it on the Wii U. Instead it'll be an arcade game only in Japan.

Metallox1127d ago

This game looks horrendous.

ABizzel11126d ago

I don't think it looks "horrendous", but it doesn't look great either. I wouldn't even say good.

It looks like a stripped down version of Naruto Ultimate Ninja which are good games. But being a stripped down version instantly takes it down to ok at best status for me (AGAIN FOR ME).

I need to see some better players, and see if there's something redeeming about the gameplay, otherwise it's a rental at best, and off my anticipation radar.

Ripsta7th1127d ago

Most fighting games release first on arcades in japan
Just like all the tekken and street figthers
Seems like you are just talking out of your ass

crusf1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

...But it is coming to wii u the director already hinted at it but at later time. Soooo that means your point is invalid. Please try again at a later date.

q8kik1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Every Bandai namco fighting game comes out on the arcades first consoles later .

thehobbyist1126d ago

You clearly don't know how the Japanese fighting game market works.

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gedden71127d ago

Looking better and better! this game may blow up the Wii U

ABizzel11126d ago

NO! If Mario, Kart, or Smash couldn't do it, a niche Pokemon fighting game isn't doing it.

kirbyu1126d ago

I'm gonna play as Pikachu a lot just for that victory animation.

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