10 Best Wii U Games So Far


It may not get the games that other consoles do, but Wii U’s game library is not short on diversity. From platformers and survival horror games to strategy games and puzzlers – it’s proving to be a great system for gamers that fancy playing something a bit different.

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MSBAUSTX1341d ago

Wind Waker HD should have been in Raymans place. If Nintendoland doesnt make the top 10 then it is number 11 due to its diversity in genres, beauty, and entertainment value. In the end though I dont disagree too much with this list. Hyrule Warriors, Lego City Undercover, Nintendoland, Wind Waker HD, and Deus Ex Human Revolution would make up the next 5 to push this to "15 Best Wii U Games So Far".

ShinMaster1341d ago

WWHD is a remaster. Deus Ex a multiplatform port.

Lego, Hyrule Warriors and Nintendoland? Now you're just reaching.

MSBAUSTX1340d ago

This author listed Rayman which was multi plat. So he opened the door for multi plats being listed. But Ubisoft did a fantastic job using the game pad with the game, something the Wii U is built around. Human Revolution was retooled for the Wii U and is still one of the best production quality third party games for the system to this day with smooth frame rate and not a lot of glitches or bugs.

WW HD is an exclusive remaster to the Wii U. If the game was released on the Wii U then it is A WII U GAME. can you use the motion controls, second screen, or play in HD on the GC version? No you cant. That makes it a great Wii U game and on the list.

Lego City Undercover was amazing and to this day hard to find and expensive. It and Nintendo land have a 4 out of 5 on Metacritic and IGN gave them both close to a 9. So yeah I list those as great Wii U games.

Perhaps try trolling the boys on the XB1 Forum. They fall for it a bit easier than we do over here pal.

ShinMaster1339d ago

I wasn't even trolling.

And yes he included Rayman but he gave a reason as to why.
Otherwise every game on the list is a Wii U exclusive.
Of course WWHD is an exclusive remaster. GOW Collection, ICO Collection, TLoU Remastered, were also exclusive remasters. I just don't consider PS2 games as PS3 exclusives, or PS3 games as PS4 exclusive, for example.

Nintendoland to me was a collection of mini games based on real games I couldn't play. It was fun for a few minutes at a time but there was nothing else to it. I'm still blue-balled for a new Metroid game.

But alright, I'll give you Lego City. I was a little burnt out from all the Lego games I played on PS360 so I was basing that on personal enjoyment and that may be a little unfair. It's still technically a good game.

MadMenX1341d ago

lol @ wiiu, wii > wiiu even today.

shaw981341d ago

Wii u has the best library of games this gen.


Zelda U
Mario maker
Devils 3rd
Star Fox U
Kirby RC
Xenoblade X
Mario party 10
Yoshi's wooly world
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Mario vs Donkey Kong
(More Mario kart 8 dlc)
(Probably more to be announced for 2015)


Dk tropical freeze
Bayo 2
Mario kart 8 (That dlc is awesome and cheap btw)
Captain Toad
Hyrule warriors
Super smash bros wii u
Pushmo world


Super Mario 3d world
Pikmin 3
Zelda WW HD
Monster hunter 3 ultimate
Lego city undercover
Wonderful 101


Nintendo Land
Zombie U
(2012 wan not a great year for wii u...)

WeAreLegion1341d ago

LEGO City Undercover is still my favorite Wii U title.