PRE-E3 HipHopGamerShow 7/6/08 Will The Winner Of E3 Win This Year????

-Resistance 2 Better than halo and bigger than call of duty Gamepro Magazine
-E3 Surprises and Predictions
-Console Wars is the past Developer Wars is the future
-HipHop Artist Joell Ortiz and Dr. Dre New Video Brooklyn BullS**T
-Analog Special Guest on the HIPHOPGAMERSHOW

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-Maverick-3697d ago

Good job, Hiphopgamer. You work hard and made alot of valid points. Great show : )

tordavis3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )


Someone hacked Mavericks account! Report to the admins!

Tmac3697d ago

No dude, you're just confused. See people like Hiphopgamer.. Not tordavis, sorry for the confusion.

egm_hiphopgamer3697d ago

was up this is towards Tmac Me and Torrence are like brothers for real and um people got love for both of us man so we always work hard and do our best to represent but i question for you said people don't like Tor but you never state a reason are you saying that to say it man or do you really feel that way and why? and if you wanna battle it out with tor on the gaming level I challenge you and welcome you to be on the WARZONE what do you say

LSDARBY3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I hope Sony make some killer anouncements at E3

QueefyB3697d ago

dont worry they have already won e3 by attending

masterofpwnage3697d ago

i think ms and sony will tie because u kno sony has hella games announce and unannounce and u kno ms has little announce, so they are going to try to get more games.

so i say tie or sony wins

QueefyB3697d ago

the only way microsoft can tie is if they announce the xbox 360 will become free otherwise i think nintendo will come in second place behind sony

arakouftaian3697d ago

r2 is going to be the best its looking good n its going to look way better on launch day n theb we have the best of the best the real deal the game to get bit on 2009 KZ2 the king of the year n we may get in the same year FF, GOW3,DF: U2 n few other I say the 2009 ist the real true year of ps3 n. Next year on n on

QueefyB3697d ago

i think sony will win e3 this year,nintendo will come second and microsoft will come in fourth

QueefyB3697d ago

oh my bad i meant microsoft will be fifth,third and fourth will be occupied by Sony and Nintendo again

ChickeyCantor3697d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.