DayZ Standalone Surpasses 3 Million Sold Copies, New Version Will Take Advantage Of DX11

Bohemia Interactive announced today that yesterday DayZ achieved 3,000,000 sales.

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ThunderPulse1248d ago

I have around 20-60 FPS depending where I'm at optimise the damn game first.

mcgrottys1248d ago

yeah, the DirectX 11 updates will help with that a lot. DX11 has improvements over DX9/10 for multi core CPU's, it's not as amazing as DX12 or Mantle but it is still a substantial improvement over what they have now.

SirDjss1248d ago

Agreed, it rund like crap. Even with a 970 i dont notice any difference comparred to my old card 7970. Ill stick to H1Z1 that are very well optimized and smooth.

ThunderPulse1248d ago

H1Z1 runs better but DayZ has that more realistic look to it.

Walker1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Sold-In or Sold-Through ?

IrishSt0ner1248d ago

Huh? This is steam early access, no such thing as 'sold-in' lol.


Where is the Xbox One/PS4 versions?