ASidCast's Stuff Of The Year

Another busy year commences for gamers and Otaku people, alike. While most of us have probably already thrown our grand New Years’ resolutions out the window and others are just on the verge of doing the same, we do still have a great year in pop culture to look forward to wasting our time on. The year 2015 is bringing in new seasons of some of the best shows on TV. It is also the year that finally promises the many awesome Nintendo titles we’ve been sorely lacking for the last two years, as well as several long awaited AAA titles on PC and other consoles. But it wouldn’t be fair to move on to all of these presumably great things that await us this year without looking back on the year we’re leaving behind. Hence, the Asidcast team has put together it’s own little awards set called Stuff Of The Year, in order to make sure that none of you guys miss out on the best stuff… of well… the previous year.

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