The future of games magazines?

Tom's Hardware interviews Cranberry's Publishing Director about the difficulties in producing emagazines for gamers, and the transition from print games magazines to online PDF format.

Cranberry has recently launched 3 free games magazines online: 360Zine, PCGZine (PC games) and Official PES Fanzine. The background of the team involved includes several well known UK magazine figures, and the idea is to deliver print quality magazines for gamers for free via electronic distribution.

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specialguest4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

EGM Magazine has been doing this for a while now. when you're a subscriber of EGM, you have the option of downloading the PDF version, or get mailed the actual magazine. i think that if you opt to get the PDF version, it should at least be half price because it cost nothing for EGM to scan and convert it to PDF file and they only have to do it once. they're making a huge savings on ink, paper, and postage used when distributing it the old fashion way.

this article which talks about Cranberry's Emagazine is a little different, because it's free. this is how it should be.

MicroGamer4397d ago

and it looks typical of most UK console fan mags, which means it looks very good. The online aspect does allow for things like FMV to be included in an article instead of just screenshots. Short segments of demo gameplay might also be possible. The fact that it is free means, they will have no problem getting people to read it and the internet means worldwide distribution for only the cost of webhosting. All other expenses are covered by ad revenues (you knew someone had to be paying for it, right?) I really am surprised that more publishers haven't done this by now.

DeathNote14397d ago

I say they start doing weekly internet editions with opitional pdf download with a subcrpition free, and a demo that mails to your house with a 3 page add to look at while you crap.

MicroGamer4397d ago

Get a laptop with WiFi and you can still read it while you crap.