10 Insanely Good Couch Co-Op Games to Play With Your BFF

In the waning world of co-op, we tackle the games that let you sit down with your best group of friends and play your way into the night.

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Errefus1151d ago


man, some of the games bring back good old high school memories, and long night game sessions playing with my brehs, online, sleep overs and Lan parties...

Gears of war was fun online and Lan party.
Rock Band fun times
Castle Crashers addicting.
Metal Slug goes back to childhood fun game.

scark921151d ago

The Warriors on PS2 was one of my favourite Co-Op experiences along with Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks! Makes me sad that couch co-op is rare these days!

LBP2 is my favourite full stop.

FullmetalRoyale1151d ago

My friend and I will say BFF in front of others without a shred of irony behind it. He's in his early thirties, and I am in my late twenties. So this article gave me a good chuckle.

Our next coop game coming up is Dying Light. Very excite.

feedphil1151d ago

Borderlands hands down best couch co op. There is nothing like finding the secret loot chest and rubbing it in your friends face.

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