‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Dev Breaks Out the Ban Hammer for ‘Reverse Boosting’

Online multiplayer has long been Call of Duty’s most important feature. Helping the series rise to the top of competitive eSports; where it now offers million dollar prize pools. All of that attention is something that Activison and Sledgehammer Games are eager to continue fostering. An important part of that plan is ensuring that Call of Duty multiplayer remains fair.

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csreynolds1306d ago

Good. It's a scrubby little thing to do anyway.

isa_scout1306d ago

They need to start banning people who play infected with friends and just sit there with a Tac insert letting friends kill them so they can drop a DNA bomb. I've seen so many people doing this it's crazy.

Skate-AK1305d ago

People have done that since Tac's were introduced to the series back in MW2. It crazy. Think the company would have some kind of safeguard against it.

Zenith4k1306d ago

They should also be found and beaten with a hammer iv never seen it but if your that sad to do it you need to be beaten to hopefully give you a sense of life back

Svinya1306d ago

Remember de-leveling in Halo 2? That was annoying..

ziggurcat1305d ago

what the heck is reverse boosting??

Svinya1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Deleveling. Killing yourself over and over again for matchmaking to put you with newbies so that you can dominate, and making your team lose in the process..

jmc88881305d ago

Yeah what happens if you let a friend, little sibling, parent, or grandparent play?

You know it's not hard for any of the above to go 0-25 in a match.