ZTGD | Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation Review

Jae Lee writes: In my review of Fair Fencer F, I mentioned my not so amicable past with Idea Factory. My biggest issue with them has always been the consistently poor optimization in their titles.

While their games would often look like something out of the PS2 era, they would chug along on the PS3 like it were Crysis 3 on Ultra settings.

It boggles my mind to this date. How, after making so many titles for the PS3, have they still not gotten the hang of making better use out of the hardware?

So when I heard that I would be reviewing a port of the second Neptunia game on the Vita, I feared the worst.

However, when I booted up the game and got into the thick of it, I was pleased to find the best optimized Idea Factory game I’ve played to date.

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