First-person parkour - does it really work?

"Parkour always looks pretty cool when you watch clips of real-life people with a camera strapped to their forehead make an attempt at it on YouTube. Unfortunately - discounting perhaps one exception - it never seems all that empowering or intuitive when developers try to recreate those moves in-game. Third-person games like Assassin's Creed seem to get it right, so what are first-person parkour titles doing wrong? Our new senior video producer Johnny Chiodini investigates, hopefully while managing to not look down."

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SaveFerris1304d ago

I wonder what Dying Light would be like with Oculus Rift?

Psychotica1304d ago

We are going to find out I guess, they said they are working on it

3-4-51303d ago

I'd rather see 3rd person. This way you get to fully appreciate what they do.

* When you see parkour videos online you don't watch them from a 1st person, you watch from your own point of view.

I want to see everything around them and how they traverse it and not just what is in front of their face.

Neonridr1304d ago

Mirror's Edge did it pretty well..

Iceman_Nightmare1304d ago

Yes it does, it worked in Mirror's Edge

Skate-AK1303d ago

Worked well in Brink. Rest of the game was poor though.

JamesBondage1303d ago

Brink was sooooo bad, haha.. one of its biggest problems was/is just like Titanfall it has just multiplayer