DirectX 12 Will Optimize High CPU Stress Levels, Unity Integration With API Detailed

Earlier this week Microsoft announced new details regarding the upcoming graphics API, DirectX 12.

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DragonbornZ1338d ago

So the big thing the pic in the tweet is showing is that the workload is being spread evenly across a 16 core CPU using Dx12.

It would have been nice if he had showed a Dx11 screenshot to compare to the Dx12 one, but even so, the balance between dem cores looks pretty sexy.

Also: It's always Gamingbolt with these >_>

TheRedButterfly1338d ago

Yeah, Gamingbolt is always pretty on-top of DX12 pieces. If there's one place I'd to go get it (before the major outlets start reporting it), it's this site.

hello121338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Microsoft reiterated the promise that for CPU-bound games (such as the majority of MMOs) DirectX12 will deliver up to 50% better performance. DX12 will allegedly also use half the power consumption of DX11, which could mean more devices we view as traditionally “mobile” would be able to run high-end games with lower-end hardware.

Playstation fans its only going help PC lol ok right the x box 1 is a 8 core system (PC)and is using directx11 currently. I can't wait for PS fans to be proven wrong again.

directx12 API has to perform as well as the PC because PC and x box 1 use the exact same API for games its not different and PC and x box 1 uses similar cores for the CPU.

What Playstation! people on here told me at launch software wasn't better than hardware and i said software was equal and Lukas was one of those people said i was wrong. Well Microsoft showed what software can do 50 per cent increase in fps rate and that more then what games can achieve now.

Directx11 demo 29fps games now are hovering around that on x box 1 and PS4

Directx12 same demo 62 to 64fps

You guys talk about power but rarely has PS4 shown it, i know the ps4 is slightly powerful, but keep living the dream the PS4 is 50 per cent more powerful.

Ultr1338d ago

Haha chill out man. It must feel good that once in a while xbox gets a performance boost so you can also boost your selfesteem! :P

Oh well we can all see that by just fueling this comment section with flamable oil you could have just talked about ms and xbox. But that you had to bring in ps shows that you are very insecure by the choices you make

playstation4epic1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Now that u brought ps4 into the conversation, the Ps4 will ALWAYS BE MORE POWERFUL. And it is about the xbone recievd some improvement as it was holding back the ps4. the ps4 recieved a 1000-10000% increase in tiling resources not an incremental 50% which isn't gonna as consoles already have low level access. LIKE PHIL SAID!!!

before you disagree here is the 1000%-10000% increase in cpu for ps4:

and heres phil:

MeliMel1338d ago

You got served. Lol...PS4 will now hold back Xbox One with its weaker CPU. Lol..

Spid3r61338d ago

Well they need to work faster then that...Cuase the PS4 is starting to hold back the Xbox One thanks to the CPU. And Phil is Phil he stated they were not working on AR/VR system and then boom Hololens comes in. He said he was not going to talk about the Xbox One on the Windows 10 brief and then boom again. DX12 is going to further alienate the PS4. Developer now have a hard choice in making a game for 18 million people or make a game for 1.5 billion plus 10 million from Xbox one since they will be able to port in just days from Xbox One to PC. Big changes this year big changes.

uptownsoul1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )



"Developer now have a hard choice in making a game for 18 million people or make a game for 1.5 billion plus 10 million from Xbox one since they will be able to port in just days from Xbox One to PC." -- WRONG…1.5 Billion PC gamers???? Where are those 1.5 Billion PC gamers at for any of the major AAA multi platform games that ALWAYS sell better on consoles than on PC Example: Titanfall -- (sells over 2M+ on Xbox One, BUT less than 1M Titanfall units sold on PC? Where were the 1.5Billion PC gamers at for that game? ) --

FYI…Half of those 1.5Billion PC's running windows are business & office PCs that will never play a game on them…And over 3/4ths of the rest are home PC's, that might play games, but won't have the minimum requirements to play the big AAA games of 2015 & beyond

Fact is, most AAA multi platform developers do their work on PC's but have the console gamer specifically in mind

Death1338d ago

You can give the Cinemablend article a rest. This was the CPU performance on a single game engine that isn't used. It's not a CPU comparison like many want to believe. It's a comparison of this single engine across both CPU's.

With that said, just because the Xbox One has DX11.2 and now the upcoming DX12, that doesn't mean the modified DX11.1 on the PS4 can't be improved on by Sony. Not everything is written for DX either. Developers can code straight to the metal if they prefer. The API is only useful for devs that choose to use it. DX12 will be a great tool for the Xbox One for devs taking advantage of it. This doesn't translate to any performance gains over the PS4 though. The real benefit of DX12 will be seen on the PC side of gaming where hardware isn't a fixed spec.

rainslacker1337d ago

If a dev only spends a few days porting a game from X1 to PC or vice versa, don't expect it to be an amazing port. Trust me, consoles have specialized hardware that simply doesn't exist in PC's, and trying to push a PC build straight to console is not really a redeemable feature given that the consoles are much less powerful than the average gaming PC.

It would still take months of coding to optimize for consoles, and I hate to break it to you, but the PS4 being the dominant console is going to be primary console, which means that DX12 won't mean jack squat as PS4 uses OpenGL, so people with a Mantle enabled card are probably going to be better off for console to PC ports.

Also, Spider, there is only one game where the CPU was said to be a bottleneck on the PS4. That one game was broken on all systems it released on.

On top of that, going forward, GPU compute is going to be where it's at. It's what developers have been pushing for a while, and both consoles were designed to be optimized for that. CPU bound is fine, but it's a outdated practice for game design.

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Kingscorpion19811338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Doesn't matter because the ps4 is about to really take over the lead with their early exclusives thats about to come out. Microsoft should prepare for the next generation so they can get an early lead like the xbox 360

marlinfan101338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Ps4 has the better lineup in the beginning of the year and then xbox in the 2nd half. I guess MS should just give up because they dont have the better games for a full 2 years straight.

Xbox has had the better lineup since launch imo. Ps4 is just now getting a little wave of games that interest me. Xbox has been supplying quality games and will continue to.

Death1338d ago

Come on King, your just being silly now. It's great that you feel the Sony line up for 2015 is better, but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the Xbox One or even WiiU. All the systems have a great game library going with more to look forward to in the coming year. You also need to keep in mind first party games are only a portion of the games available. Third parties and indies will be hitting both systems too.

jrshankill1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Gotta' love the amount of PS4 fanboys coming to a DX12 article to troll.. Jesus Christ. Salty much?!

Outthink_The_Room1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

While you're correct about overall increase, there are different factors to take into consideration for gaming.

Stress testing something like the 3D Mark Application is not running AI, Sound..etc..

Those elements are used differently and are essentially "non-linear" like a 3D Mark stress test.

The stress test done on stage showed 29 fps vs 120 fps. Simply put, that's essentially a 1 way street type of stress test, instead of games being more like a 4 way stop. There are other factors that won't see the same level of optimization.

Again, don't get me wrong, DX12 is going to be huge for XB1, but using basic numbers are not going to be the same across the board. It will vary, which means that 50% won't always be 50% for every case.

Spid3r61338d ago

#DX12PC_1.5billionXboxone_10mi llionandGoing

gfk3421338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I will have to bring the same arguments:

First of all the gain in performance is for PC users and not X1. X1 already has a low level API like DX12.

Secondly, it was said that the gain in performance could be UP TO 50%. This means that the maximum performance could reach 50%, otherwise can fluctuate between 0-50. This number was given for PC benchmark. As for the X1, Phil Spencer himself said that DX12 will not bring massive improvements, so will not see any 50% performance gain for X1.

Thirdly, I recommend to wait and see a proper comparison between DX11 and DX12. I would like to remind you that less than a year ago we were discussing about a performance gain of 100%. Now it become half of that, 50%. So the numbers are going down...

Fourthly, what makes you think that the PS4 is using the entire 1.84 teraflops for gaming. I would like to remind you that Sony also updates its API annually. Please see the graphics of the PS3 games - i.e. Uncharted vs Uncharted 2 vs Uncharted 3

Finally, nothing can stop Sony to implent AMD Mantle, which is the alternative to DX12 (probably it is already implemented).

So having in mind that both MS and Sony can make software updates, it will not be the software that we'll make a big difference between PS4 and X1, but the hardware surely will... And we all know which has the better hardware...

Outthink_The_Room1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Why does everyone keep talking about low-level access? DX12 isn't about low-level, metal coding access.

It's about optimization through multi-threading. If you look at the picture in the article, that has nothing to do with low-level access.

This picture shows quad core processors being significantly more balanced throughout all the threads.

So why would a quad core and a 16 core processor receive THAT MUCH more optimization, yet the XB1 with 8 cores (7 usuable) not be given a massive boost? I don't understand your logic at all. We aren't seeing low-level tests be done. We're seeing raw performance numbers in stress test situations, give massive gains. So why would those gains in raw computing, not transfer over?

I agree with your part about it not always being 50%. You are correct, that number will fluctuate based on the situation and what's being utilized. But to say that because XB1 uses DX11, so the gains are smaller is completely incorrect.

Also, I find it funny how software can't make a big difference, but somehow brute forcing and bottlenecking a CPU is going to be a more worthwhile approach.

pumpactionpimp1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

@ outthink

You ask why quad core+ pc's will receive a significant boost in cpu performance, but the Xbox one won't.

The answer is quite simple. Applications like mantle, and sdk's for the Xbox one, and ps4 bring developers very close to the hardware. A hardware that never changes. So as they work with that hardware more and more, and the sdk's get updated and improved, they find workarounds, and in a way shortcuts that produce significantly better graphics. Thus when a developer sets out to make a game for a console, they have the ability to give individual cores tasks, set gpu assignments etc. they don't need dx12 to do it, the power is theirs to use. You just have to find developers willing to work with the hardware intamantly.

On pc however, you never know how many cores, what graphics manufacturer, how much ram, what version os, etc. dx12 is an interface between software, and hardware. More specifically it's an extension of windows that allows games to access hardware resources. Around the time Dx10 came out, quad cores were becoming the must have thing. But dx10 and eventually 11 used 1 core as a go between for the cpu and gpu.

You obviously don't understand that if a game is coded for a console, and there is a bottleneck, anywhere like the cpu on a PC. Then it's because the programmers don't know how to do their job. Therefore the boost if any on Xbox will be minimal.

The real benefit isn't to Xbox, but shock here, to Microsoft. Who now has provided an easy interface tool to port a game from pc to Xbox one, to phone/tablet. Or in any direction of the little pyramid they built. This leads to more windows, windows phone/tablet, and Xbox sales.

For the record I could go more in depth with my explanations, but I will just get disagrees, and people stating the Xbox/ps4/PC is God and we should worship them, and I'm hater no matter what. But it still won't change the fact that you're flat wrong in thinking the Xbox will suddenly become a powerful juggernaut from an Api update.

rainslacker1337d ago

An up to 50% increase is not across the board. It's for certain routines that could be 50% faster due to the new DX. Even if everything was 50% faster, it wouldn't mean that the overall program will run 50% faster. If 10% of the routines are 50% faster, another 25% are 25% faster, and 30% are 10% faster, then you still have some that run the same speed they are now. Some things are already optimized to the point where there isn't much more to do with them.

Actual execution of the code within the processor will still be the same speed, the only difference will be how fast or efficiently it gets there, and what happens to it while in the processor, and what happens after the data is processed and pushed on to the next step.

Overall, you'd be looking at a 15-20% increase on PC for chips not made for DX12, and who knows for X1 since a lot of these low level functions are already provided for it by MS, or developers make their own API's to get it themselves.

pompous1338d ago

HAHAHAHA.... Wake me up when DX12 actually gets 50% increase in real world performance. What I get from that statement is exactly what AMD said with Manlte and so far real world performance hasn't hit what they claim. Just like MS claim bandwidth for the esram in a closed test environment was huge, but the real world reality is/was it still hasn't even remotely come close to what they claimed. So instead of making yourself look foolish and a salty fanboy you should maybe wait until DX12 gets released before you brag about it's pc improvements not meant for xbox one.

pumpactionpimp1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Hard to get a 50% increase through a software update.

But as you can see, it can be a pretty significant increase in performance. Which in my book is a plus all the way around. If dx12 can do better, I'm all for it.

Quit hating on claims engineers, and marketing people make, and just be happy. if your a PC gamer, that you will get a performance boost for nothing.

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LoydX-mas1338d ago

"its only going to help PC and not XboxOne"

Suuuuuure, you guys keep thinking that. So MS is designing and building a new DX API at the same time they are designing and building a new console (that is named after DirectX.......ahem Direct X Box) and they just forget to make this new console so it can't benefit from the new API............Yeah, right.

XanderZane1338d ago

I think it will help both in the end. We'll know for sure soon enough. Looking forward to some big surprises at the E3.

urwifeminder1338d ago

Cryengine and unreal 4 will go to a whole new level with this very exiting

pompous1338d ago

This along with Mantle are trying to push gaming forward with better optimizations so devs can get better performance out of their games. This is good for the industry and is the right step forward. I'm looking forward to the improvements it will bring to gaming as a whole.

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