Gamertell Exclusive: PowerUp Games' plan to connect gamers with game industry

Gamertell staff writer Lucy Newman interviews PowerUp Games' owner, Brad Baker, and content manager, Michael Walbridge.

In the interview, Baker and Walbridge discuss the company's plan to use its web site ( to allow gamers to, as the article explains, "connect with companies that really want to hear what gamers have to say, allowing them to offer suggestions to help improve games before they hit shelves."

It promises to be a bit more than the usual beta test/release of a game. As baker indicates in the article, users will be able to, "Provide early feedback on concepts, art and design. Provide the load for stress and performance testing, help proof all the unique configurations out there, gather information for Tech support and read me [documents], and provide usability testing and find bugs or issues."

Walbridge explains that the site is being targeted toward "publishers, developers and anyone interested in playing, testing, or seeing games before they come out."

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