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Neil writes "The Saints are going to hell with the latest standalone expansion in the franchise. Even without having to splash the cash on the main game to play it, is it worthy of a purchase?"

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Jimboms1214d ago

Interesting, pretty fair review I reckon.

TheZeroReview1214d ago

I still haven't jumped on the Saints Row bandwagon but I've only ever heard good things

USMC_POLICE1214d ago

Vita remote play controls are awfull.

ceedubya91214d ago

played only a little bit of this one so far, but it is a bit lack and seem kind of rough in some areas. can't really complain much though, as it is basically a 20 dollar side story of sort. I'll take more Saints Row anytime.

However, going back and playing IV in the Re-Elected edition made remember how much I loved that game, and is a lot better quality in comparison. GOoH seems rather rushed in comparison, even if it is only dlc content. Still, the whole package altogether is a good deal for fans of the series.