What Makes Destiny's Doubles Skirmish So Intense

Clipping Error discuss what makes the new Crucible mode, Doubles Skirmish, so intense. The new couples Crucible outing pits teams of two againts one another in an epic fight, and what makes it so intense is the other player on your team, helping you, hindering you, maybe even not playing.

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TheZeroReview1304d ago

Skirmish is easily the best multiplayer mode in Destiny IMO

Jimboms1304d ago

Yea I'm with you on that

Hoffmann1304d ago

Is this game better than Borderlands?

TheZeroReview1304d ago

Its different but its really fun for some of the same reasons. Namely running around big worlds owning a bunch of enemies with friends. And all the shooting mechanics are superb

gamer91304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Destiny completely lacks the story, humor, and characters found in Borderlands.

Destiny has tighter shooting and lots of ways to grind for materials and currency. Less guns but it takes you a lot longer to get the good guns - They have somehow stretched the grind out over a smaller amount of content, yet they keep you engaged for a good number of hours until you finally ask yourself "Why am I still playing this game?"