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"Dead Kings is a satisfying and enjoyable epilogue to Unity, with plenty of content to keep players occupied long after completing the main story missions - but held back by some of the same problems as the main game.

But a darker atmosphere and entirely new area mark it apart from Unity, and its narrative manages to be far more engaging. With a price tag of absolutely nothing if you own the base game, there’s absolutely no reason not to try it."

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JoeIsMad1274d ago

Glitchy as hell, where I see it. I don't know about picking this one up, even if the series is pretty great.

GameSpawn1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

The only issue is there is a stupidly high chance you cannot equip or buy ANY of the new weapons associated with the content.

You are forced to use the Guillotine gun in one of the missions, so at least you get to try it out. Once you unlock the Eagle of Suger there is a work around to getting it equipped. It has the same power as the Sword of Eden, but [Upgraded] it has a 1/3 chance to blind surrounding enemies when you strike someone with it (it's like a mini-stun grenade effect).