Evolve to Hopefully Run at 1080p/60fps On PS4/Xbox One In Future, If Not At Launch

Producer Chloe Skew also talks about the launch and potential online issues that could arise.

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Walker1300d ago

wut ? how a game can be 900p/30fps at launch and then become 1080p/60fps in the future ?

marinelife91300d ago

I don't see why not it has Titanfall level graphics.

strangeaeon1300d ago

Not crazy about the game but you obviously need glasses.

Mr Pumblechook1300d ago

Eurogamer say that the current runs on PS4 at 1080p 30fps and on XBO at 900p unlocked 30fps.

Considering the game has now gone gold it is very optimistic for the developers to believe they can double the frame rate to 60fps unless the game has not been optimised for release. It would have been better they waited to get the game looking at its best before releasing it.

Ultr1300d ago

A patch :D
They will make the game load stuff more efficently via hardware and stuff

GarrusVakarian1300d ago

Post-launch optimization maybe?

Still, though, that's quite a huge jump. I don't see it happening.

BigShotSmoov0071300d ago

That's not a huge jump cause the difference between both resolution is minimal. It was done with Titanfall and it was done with Killer Instinct which went from 720p to 900p.

GarrusVakarian1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )


Sure, 900p to 1080p alone might not be a big deal, but we're talking about upping the res to 1080p *and* doubling the framerate here. That's a huge jump. There's only so much optimization you can do.

BigShotSmoov0071300d ago

Neither game will make it to 60fps, that's impossible with these consoles. They can barely have a stable 30fps so I'm not even looking forward to that happening but to get from 900p to 1080p, that's more than possible with a patch.

Foehammer1300d ago

It appears some ppl have forgotten that COD launched on the PS4 at 720p (pre update)

Remember how everybody said they could tell the difference between 900p and 1080p but no one noticed that COD was 720p, lol

dantesparda1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

No one noticed because no one had it running at 720p, that was just the PS4 release disc. But that's a nice lie you MS fanboys like to keep telling yourselves. And btw, the PS4 version still looked better at 720p than the X1 ver., read the DF analysis, they say so, just like how Black Flag also, look better at 900p on the PS4 than it did on the X1. Now neg away fanboys, and prove how you'se cant handle the truth. Lol.

Also, Titanfall's res wasn't raised, its still 792p.

And @knws, assumptions, assumptions, assumptions, so gullible. I just hope all you fanboys prepare yourselves for the letdown that DX12 is going to be. Oh and suddenly 50% matters again? It seems like these percentages only matter when they are on MS's side. Such hypocrisy.

ziggurcat1300d ago

it appears you've forgotten that that was because of a bug that slipped through the cracks, which was quickly patched, and the actual native resolution of the game was, in fact, 1080p.

its native resolution was not 720p, and updated to be 1080p post-release, so nice try.

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TheZeroReview1300d ago

1080p/60fps really need to be the industry standard now, like honestly

hello121300d ago

Its coming for x box 1 i just hope for Sony and its fans they have been working on an API similar to directx12 if they haven't there is going to be lot of fallout next year on the forums.

Phil Spencer showed the performance leap from directx11 to directx12 and it was roughly 50 per cent that will not be for every game, but the potential is enormous.

directx11 demo peak was 29fps and directx12 demo peaked at 62 to 64fps.

If the devs don't have worry about frame rate as much with directx12 they can boost resolution..

1300d ago
GarrusVakarian1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

You are more delusional than I ever thought if you believe that the performance gains for the X1 will be that huge. It's common knowledge that PC will see the largest gains from DX12. It's almost as if you just ignore the fact that the X1's hardware is fixed.

And the PS4 doesn't need an API similar to DX12 as much as the X1 needs it, it already has more 1080p 60fps games than the X1 has. No?

The only fallout I see happening is when DX12 releases and X1 games don't benefit from it anywhere near as much as you and the other Xbox fanatics on here were lead to believe it would. I'd pay to see that shit if it wasn't already free to be a member here, lol.

Neonridr1300d ago

I think at this point, any performance gains (even if relatively small) will be a welcome addition to the Xbox One.

RedDeadLB1300d ago

That level of performance improvement will be exclusive to PC I'm afraid.

DX11 is a major bottleneck to object rendering and has limited the complexity of objects drawn on screen for a long time on PC. Console APIs don't bottleneck, the only bottleneck is the hardware itself.

gfk3421300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

First of all the gain in performance is for PC users and not X1. X1 already has a low level API like DX12.

Secondly, it was said that the gain in performance could be UP TO 50%. This means that the maximum performance could reach 50%, otherwise can fluctuate between 0-50. This number was given for PC benchmark. As for the X1, Phil Spencer himself said that DX12 will not bring massive improvements, so will not see any 50% performance gain for X1.

Thirdly, I recommend to wait and see a proper comparison between DX11 and DX12. I would like to remind you that less than a year ago we were discussing about a performance gain of 100%. Now it become half of that, 50%. So the numbers are going down...

Finally, nothing can stop Sony to implent AMD Mantle, which is the alternative to DX12 (probably it is already implemented).

So a software cannot make a big difference between PS4 and X1, but the hardware surely can.... And we all know which has the better hardware.

MasterCornholio1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Could you please drop your crazy theories and listen to Phil Spencer instead of Mr X?

playstation4epic1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

u are deluded hardware will always be king and the ps4 has a 43-50% gpu power on the xbone that will never change lol

windblowsagain1300d ago


You really do live in a world of your own.

XB1 will never be as strong as PS4 graphically.

XB1 does not have enough throughput to output highend [email protected]

13.3 gigapixels tells you that.

While PS4 is 25.6 gigapixels.

All this DX talk is for PC.

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extravalue1300d ago

switch to pc gaming if you need high res and 60fps so bad.
i did :P

playstation4epic1300d ago

KNWS you are deluded. the ps4 already recieved a 1000% to 10000% increase in cpu tiling resources and team ice are working on more lol. dx12 wont help xbone as the xbone is a console therefore should already have low level access, just like phil said.

paradigmfellow1300d ago

Sorry, I don't want a game that is obviously tailored to DLC money grabbing tactics.

Jumper091300d ago

Not going to happen with CryEngine

ReBurn1300d ago

If they think it could perform better in the future then why not release it when it s ready?

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