Do not go gentle into that good night… Take a Book

A prequel tie-in novel to the highly anticipated (at least be me) Dying Light, has been announced. Entitled Dying Light: Nightmare Row, the story follows an American athlete, Mel Wyatt, and her brother. Both are trapped in the quarantined city of Harran, the same setting as the game, and the novel serves to flesh out the origin of this outbreak and the bleak events leading to the start of the player’s involvement as Kyle Crane.

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ZeroSkerbo1299d ago

I do like some of the expanded universe stuff. Like i've read a few of the resident evil novels, and own the first few issues of the megaman comic (which is awesome) but this does seem to be putting the cart in front of the horse being that no one knows anything about the characters of the game yet

MPScrimshaw1299d ago

The original Halo novel trilogy was stupidly good, but I never was able to finish off the next 25 novels that came after it. Same with Mass Effect. I tried, but couldn't get into it. The comics, on the other hand, I've torn through, for both series (and most of the Halo ones aren't even very good!)

callumjack1298d ago

The Deus Ex Human Revolution Comics are absolutely fantastic

tylercolp1298d ago

Interesting. I wonder if this'll be any good.