How Has GTA Online Progressed Since Launch?

EGMR writes: "GTA Online was an exciting proposition when Grand Theft Auto V launched on the 17th of September 2013 — a multiplayer mode which would allow several players (up to 16 on PS3/X360) to explore the same city and wreak chaos together, do missions and take part in various other activities.

Two weeks later, when the online mode finally launched, it was in a state of disarray. Players all over the world were complaining about connectivity errors, missions glitched or failed to progress properly, and the game was missing several core features.

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insomnium21219d ago

I have never played a single match of anything online on any GTA game. Is it just goofing around or is it worth it to play? Compare it to some other online game and tell me if it's any good.

My standards are pretty high and my free time is so rare I don't want to dick around playing sub par games so tell me if GTA is any good online.

SeanScythe1219d ago

It's really fun with friends, I have ps4 version if you need a friend add me. Seanscythe

XboxOneX1219d ago

GTA V is so much fun online. Especially the Heists /s

ZombieKiller1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It depends really on if you play with the right people or not. I've been playing it online since launch and it's been an absolute blast.

They say the game is glitchy, people are a-holes running around killing everyone, and that some lobbies are a nightmare.

Thing is, I've never seen any of that apart from a few glitches all because I have a crew of about 20 people who I know in real life. Almost every night we sign in, fire up a private match and do whatever we want. GTA is excellent online if you have a crew of creative people that like to have fun and you play in a private match.

As for the tard waiting for heists so impatiently.....don't you have Assasin's Creed Unity to play? Sorry, Rockstar likes to complete games before they release them.

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UKmilitia1219d ago

getting into missions is shit,u spend half your time looking at a loading screen and reinviting people,if u just drive around u have fun and no loading,but its not streamless missions like in story.

Godz Kastro1219d ago

Game is really fun especially with friends. That being said im more than often put off by the experience due to connecting to servers. Its hot or miss as far as dumping me right into a game or taking forever to find one.

Sometimes I am having fun playing Destiny or something. Then everyone wants to play GTA. We start the game up and it just feels like you have to jump through hurdles to get into a game.

Doesn't happen all the time but enough to make me hesitant to switch over to it and break the flow of whatever game we are playing.

lildudexst1219d ago

Fun game for single player. But online is boring it dull and boring. It was fun in beginning now it not fun.where heist ?

dreamed1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

On x1 its a disconnection nightmare,on 360 it works fine,for me anyway

yezz1219d ago

It's great but matchmaking is super poor.

This was my experience yesterday when I wanted to join a race with my friend.

- Because there are no proper search options for lobbies I have to join a random race and it takes a lot of time to get a good one.

- When I finally got into a good one, the lobby was already full and it launched before my friend could join. GTA doesn't take your friends with you, it just sends them automatic invites, which enables this stupid situation...

- So then I have to quit the race, wait for the game to load me into a random lobby where I have to quit into the single player to create a new crew session!

- All that hassle just to try the race search again! It's ridiculous.

The game has an incredible amount of good content but the lack of search options is ruining the experience.