Dying Light Physical Release date confirmed

Techland has revealed the updated global launch dates for Dying Light.

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Jimboms1272d ago

Bit annoyed that it's been delayed personally.

ITFGaming1272d ago

Have to agree there. Was hoping to grab a physical copy on launch day.

SaveFerris1272d ago

I think sales of The Order 1886 could eat into Dying Light PS4 sales.

avengers19781272d ago

Well the physical copy release on January 27th for PS4, almost a month before the order 1886

Neonridr1272d ago

The digital release is January 27th. The physical release is February 27th - 7 days after The Order: 1886 releases. So I can totally see how physical sales will suffer since most people will be too engaged in that game to care.

greenlantern28141272d ago

@Neonridr the article says that in North and South America the physical copy will release the same day as the digital. January 27th. Sorry for the rest of the world but avengers1978 is right at least in the Americas

SaveFerris1272d ago

Only in the USA. Everywhere else in the world the physical disc is delayed for about a month. I should have specified that in my first comment though.

slappy5081272d ago

I would've bought this game, but now I'm going to be playing the order. And then March is bloodborne and other releases, January was to be a perfect lead up to order /886 , I just won't have time, I'm sure it's the same for plenty of others

yuukiliu1272d ago

Watched someone stream it on PS4 today. I can't believe Troy Baker is the main character in this game as well. Kinda feel bad for the other voice actors out there. Game looked pretty sweet, might pick it up next year though. I am outta money for games at the moment.

playstation4epic1272d ago

y he's so good i want him in every game. sorry for being a bit cruel but still...

smolinsk1272d ago

Mega annoyed here, whats up with such a long delay when its only shipment problems, wird...not gonna buy it now i think, for sure not the digital copy, i vant to be able to sell it after.

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The story is too old to be commented.