Resident Evil HD did wonders for Jill's jiggle

These Jill-ggle physics are making the rounds what with Resident Evil HD Remaster coming out. Turns out this jell-o oscillation is not a new addition. It's a carryover from the GameCube REmake, but a combination of HD-ness and video-capable social media are giving these headlights new life.

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MasterCornholio1269d ago

Oh so I wasn't crazy.

Glad to see they added some bouncy bouncy to the game.


trywizardo1269d ago

and all that , in glorious HD ^_^

TheJacksonRGN1269d ago

We already had someone post a video talking about this months ago based on gameplay footage. Now this again.

nagalaga311269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

This is all in the name of realism! Gosh, you people!

turab1269d ago

lucky me I got my copy a 2 months before ;). Hard one not digital shit. :p