Dying Light's Retail Release Will Not Deploy Until 27th February Outside of America

Push Square: "Warner Bros has confirmed that Dying Light's physical edition will release on 27th February in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. "Dying Light will have a digital release on the PS4 on 28th January," the firm said in a statement sent to us moments ago. "Physical copies of the game will be released in these territories on 27th February."

It continued: "All of the physical pre-ordered versions will include two DLC packs: Cuisine and Cargo and Ultimate Survivor Bundle, free of charge. Subsequently, the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode, where players take control of the Night Hunter and can invade others' games, will be now be available for free on all platforms everywhere.""

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SaveFerris1219d ago

Nice gesture if true. The 'Be the Zombie' mode was restricted to pre-orders from Amazon UK.

seanpitt231219d ago

This is ridiculous one month delay! Someone somewhere messed up big time it isn't like they havnt had enough time to get it right. They should of just delayed the game everywhere instead of doing what they are doing. It's going to cost someone a lot of money because being treated lke 2nd best is never going to get you sales. If it came out on the day it said it was I might of bought it because it hasn't got really that much competition with not many games out this month but now no chance and I don't do digital copies take to much hdd space and way to expensive. I will just wait for the order and blood-borne.

SaveFerris1219d ago

The delay isn't great for me because now it will release at the same time as The Order 1886 which i have pre-ordered as well. I agree that digital is too expensive here in the UK compared to physical so there is no incentive to get it.

UKmilitia1218d ago

my preorder that i ordered on day 1 was £40,the digital version is £55 on uk psn.

its terrible what they have done and its a big up yours to the rest of the world imo.
it should of been delayed worldwide

DeadlyOreo1219d ago

1 month delay is pretty crazy considering it was supposed to release in a few days. Yeah I've pretty much lost interest now, too many other games to buy in February.

time2die1219d ago

Yeah like The Order 1886 a week before,they better hope that reviewers of this game give it positive ones when it's released in North America on Tuesday as this is going to have a serious impact on sales if they turn out negative .

That's a massive region that have to wait a month and the only positive to come out of it would be if the game is a disaster they have helped us save a bucket load of pre/ order money and cancelations will be in there thousands....

I await the reviews early part of next week with anticipation..

Bathyj1219d ago

Well that sucks big time. This game just got bumped for The Order for me. Unless I finally embrace digital but I really don't want too.

matt1391219d ago

So 1 month after it releases? Just for a couple printing errors, wow.

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