Cyberpunk 2077 staying secret for a little while longer

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains priority over Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED remain focused on Geralt of Rivia's next adventure.

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vivid831150d ago

I completely forgot about this game

Saijahn1150d ago

Same here, I remember seeing a trailer and some images and thought wow i'm interested in this game.

Glad to see it's still in existence.

1150d ago
strangeaeon1150d ago

Good, I would rather be surprised once in a damn while than hearing about a games development every step of the way.

Mega241150d ago

The first time I saw the trailer a few years ago, it gave me some vibes the way Ghost in the Shell used to. Very interested in this Cyberpunk game, CD Projekt better deliver this one!

TheRedButterfly1150d ago

This has been one of my brother's most anticipated games for years... Glad to see there's still a couple people in this world who haven't forgotten about it. :/


I have not forgotten at all.... I mean the Witcher 3 is my most anticipated game this year.

The only question I have for CD is what comes after Witcher 3? Ah yes, that awesome sounding game that is a sci-fi RPG... it's not like there are a lot of them bouncing around, specially cyberpunk themed rpgs.

elninels1149d ago

More specifically being made by studios that can handle mature themes with style and grace. So many cyberpunk games lack the gritty underground that helped to make the genre popular in other media.

I just hope they follow the neuromancer blueprint to a cyberpunk world.

I am very, very excited.

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