Crysis Fly By Video Footage.

Impressive stuff.

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Rooted_Dust4395d ago

Looks Great. Hope it comes out soon after the Vista release. I need something to tide me over untill HL2-episode 2

MicroGamer4395d ago

My laptop isn't upgradeable enough to handle it, but I think I can manage to squeeze a bit more life out of the old desktop to make it work.

Madmax12819804391d ago

Its Not A Giant Leap Over Farcry And Looks Similar So Im Guessing This Will Come To The 360 And Ps3 too (Hopefully) :)

Rooted_Dust4391d ago

If you have followed this game you would know better. Untill now all FPS developers have been using clever ways to make gamers feel like they are in Giant areas, but really all they are seeing are Sky boxes. With Crysis everything is in game: the clouds, the mountains, everything. The environments are also fully destructable and they react to the player, no more walking right through foliage without disturbing it. According to the developers there is more involed with rendering a single characters then there was in all of Farcry. This will also be one of the first games rendered with DX10. If the PS3 or XBox360 get it, it will probably need to be downgraded.