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Dealspwn: "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 is a great remake of a terrible sequel that fails to take the series anywhere remotely interesting.

Though the enhanced combat, visuals and systems make for a huge and mechanically capable handheld JRPG, its weak characters, throwaway storyline and surprising scarcity of parody humour leave the adventure without a backbone. As such, it's technically competent yet largely unnecessary for all but die-hard Hyperdimension fans in need of serious servicing."

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dark-kyon1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

you need to be a hater to call at if,warechu,cfw magic and underling weak characters.try again man.

Blues Cowboy1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

As far as the characters go, it depends on your context, I suppose. As far as Re;Birth 2/MK2 is concerned, the characters you mentioned are relatively quite interesting, and the review is actually complimentary about a couple of them. But for a multiplatform site, the characters have to be compared to other RPGs and JPRGs, including Complile Heart's own Re;Birth 1, Fairy Fencer F and the likes of Tears To Tiara 2, Persona Q etc - at which point they're kinda underwritten IMO.