Final Fantasy XV Features an Open World You Can Explore via Car, Train or Foot

Crave Online: "Final Fantasy XV looks set to be a truly huge game, as Square Enix has now revealed that it will be set on one gigantic land mass, meaning that all areas in the game you can explore will be connected."

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colonel1791276d ago

What happened to airships?? I don't doubt that the game will be great regardless, but like everybody suspected, the more information we get, the more downgraded seems be. They already cut switching characters and airships.

I just hope this doesn't end up like FF13, only to make it a trilogy (which it could be since the director said SE is interested in making it a trilogy)

trenso11276d ago

if you had watched the stream, instead of making uninformed statements, you would know that the reason for lack of airships is that they want to make a seamless world. And they wanted the airship to rise from the ground and into the sky as one this not like a cut scene. Also they wanted it so that when you looked down at the world from the airship it wasnt just an overview of the world map, but all of the details of what was below you. At the moment they said they can promise anything. They did mention that having the airship fly as high as birds would be a solution but didnt want a low flying airship as that isnt as exciting.

Godmars2901276d ago

"lack of airships is that they want to make a seamless world."

If you truly understood that statement you'd know how much its as much "say anything" BS as FF13 "didn't need towns". Not that a scaling world map wouldn't be its own massive headache from a development perspective, but putting them in something that needed to customized and upgraded so that it cold fly higher or faster, need to be modified or have side missions to get through certain areas, require a pick-up character to do much of that work by the name of Cidney perhaps, would be a game in and of itself.

It could have been like a cross between Final Fantasy and freakin Firefly!

Spenok1276d ago

They didn't cut airships. They're just not confirmed yet. They just talked about them recently actually. They know people want them, and are trying to implement them into the game. The game hasn't been downgraded in any way.

Irishguy951276d ago

They want the airships to be like Just Cause and GTA planes/helis etc. They don't want to do an overworld one(but they could and years ago, I do mean years, like 2009, this was implemented in the pre alpha version of the game, Nomura spoke about it). So atm the are trying to do the fully interactive GTA/Just cause version of taking off and flying in an open world. Thats all they said, they simply didn't promise anything.

dota2champion1276d ago

I wanna explored the country side riding a horse

NoctisPendragon1276d ago

Why not a summon ?It would be soo cool.

hkgamer1276d ago

So basically a more detailed version of ff8 world map.

Its not a big deal. Ff or other RPG has always been very large. World map arras. Just a simplified version so you don't have to run a direction for ages.

silvacrest1276d ago

the last FF (the 13 series) have been pretty linear so yes this is a big deal but still not really because just watching gameplay trailers told us this already