Microsoft: Minecraft on HoloLens 'takes on a whole new life'

VRFocus- Last year saw Microsoft make headlines as it purchased Minecraft developer Mojang for around $2.5 billion USD. The deal was arguably the highest-profile acquisition of the year, rivalled only by Facebook's $2 billion purchase of Oculus VR. As it turns out, Microsoft's deal ended up being relevant to head-mounted display (HMD) fans too as the company revealed a version of the videogame phenomenon running on its newly-revealed HoloLens holographic HMD yesterday. According to the company, this isn't the same old Minecraft experience, as it takes on a 'whole new life' with HoloLens.

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poppinslops1303d ago

I must admit, I never thought very highly of Minecraft... but seeing it spread around that guy's room was amazing.

Billions of dollars well spent.

XB1_PS41303d ago

They had to buy minecraft with this exact product in mind. Amazing foresight. I will buy this if it works as advertised.

Ult iMate1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Remember how Microsoft advertised Milo or scanning yor skate with "Natal" and what you've got in reality?

XB1_PS41303d ago

@Ult iMate

I would think they learned from their mistakes. Also, there is a new person in charge of that division.

ScorpiusX1303d ago

The concept that pushes me to finally buy minecraft. Sweet

bananaboats1303d ago

I'm in the same boat. never really had interest in Minecraft but seeing it like this will most certainly make me want to play it.

VforVideogames1303d ago

That's exactly what i was gonna say!!!

hello121303d ago

I like the fact Microsoft is showing innovation and not copying other peoples ideas. VR is likely coming but if not i bet Microsoft is looking at bringing Oculus rift to x box 1 and ties in with windows 10. Bringing windows gaming and x box 1 gaming together even more is the plan.

MeliMel1303d ago

The best news yet to come. Playing your PC games on Xbox One will be the next one.

XanderZane1303d ago

Very impressive. This opens up Minecraft on a whole new level. I would love to see this form myself and how you would control the world. So that's what they were thinking when they purchased Minecraft.

ReBurn1303d ago

I'd like to try this out.

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