HoloLens is and isn't Xbox One's answer to PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset

Engadget reports: Finally, we can stop asking Microsoft's Xbox lead Phil Spencer about virtual reality headsets. "For us, I think this is the area," Spencer told a group of interviewers at yesterday's Windows 10 event. He was responding to whether or not there's also a virtual reality headset in the works at Microsoft, just an hour after the company unveiled HoloLens: a "mixed reality" headset that enables the wearer to see holograms in real life.

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MasterCornholio1188d ago

VR and AR have very different purposes so you really can't compare the two. However I will say this about hololens. It will appeal to a larger audience due to it working with multiple platforms. Plus it has several very practical applications outside of gaming. However even though project Morpheus will be limited to the PS4 it will probably be better for games than hololens due to being a more immersive experience.

I'm interested in both but in the end what will matter the most is the pricing of these devices.

Yetter1188d ago

think of playing a horror game in your own house with hololens. I can't imagine anything more immersive than that

NatureOfLogic_1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Feeling like you're actually inside of the game with VR is way more immersive.

Yetter1188d ago


I guess I just find the idea of being able to move around and interact with my real environment, more immersive then being tethered to some type of controller

medman1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Yes, I am interested in the new tech, VR and AR alike. If Sony and Microsoft respectively can produce good products, we all win. I'll be playing both, I'm sure. Personally I feel I would prefer the more immersive environment VR offers, but it may turn out that experience may be limited by how long the user can tolerate having the image so close to the retinas. AR may turn out to be something that can be used for longer periods of time without eye fatigue or feeling alienated from the rest of the environment. I'm just glad Sony and Microsoft are doing different things, instead of having competing products offering all too similar experiences.

P.S. All that being said...does anybody else think the people in the videos look like real bozos walking around with these devices on their heads? Project Morpheus looks pretty good, not sure about the look of Hololens at this point, though they are both still prototypes.

pwnsause_returns1188d ago

There are many uses for Microsoft ar tech,not just gaming. I can see myield doing cad projects with it.

lemoncake1188d ago

This is the big thing as this AR tech can be used in so many different real world scenarios including industry, business meetings and board rooms, this is what will push this tech as even if gamers are slow to take it up these people will splash out on thousands of first wave units. Just like how smart phones and tablets have made such a massive impact on our everyday lives I think this is going to be another one of those big steps.

bananaboats1188d ago

Im very excited for this. If this works as good as they showed it to work then this will be a huge step forward in home/game innovation. I'm being hopeful for a resonable price tag on this.

ABizzel11188d ago

Oculus VR headset are aiming for $300.

HoloLens has a CPU + GPU + HPU included, it's going to be $1,000 or more.

Yetter1188d ago

excpet you've got to have a decent rig to run the oculus and therefore, very similar price points

ABizzel11188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )


A $500 - $600 gaming PC is more than enough to run Oculus.

A $400 PS4, and a presumed $200 - $300 Morpheus is enough for VR.

Xbox AR is $350 for the XBO, and again $1,000 or more for HoloLens.

Even as a standalone product from a gaming standpoint we don't know the full details of the CPU, GPU, HPU, RAM, and memory, but considering the size of the device and it's wireless, these components are running on the lowest power draw possible with max performance, which I would assume CPU wise would be something equivalent to a Quad Core Pentium Desktop CPU, and on the GPU side you're looking at around 400 GFLOPS of performance.

I would assume a CPU core is used specifically for running the algorithms and interface, as well as some GPU power. So performance wise on it's own you're more than likely looking at something on par with a Wii U, yet cost as much as a hige-end gaming PC for the sake of AR.

It's not practical, and the majority of people with $1,000 to spare are going to buy a gaming PC and max their favorite games out, or even buy all 3 consoles, rather than have a AR headset that plays games on par with the weakest of the 3 consoles.

On top of that the HoloLens is in it's infancy both developmental wise and technologically so actual games, applications, and features are going to be EXTREMELY limited in quantity and quality until several years into the future of this device, and by then there will hopefully be a price drop on the hardware.

I think HoloLens is amazing and potentially a technological revolution, but pricing will make or break it's practicality, and based the technology we have now, and the fact that it's coming out within the year, means HoloLens is going to be pretty expensive, but not offer the level of gaming performance equivalent to a tradition console for several years.

Come 2020, this thing will be amazing but right now, I don't think it's going to be where it needs to be, especially since they're just now getting developer on board to design Hologram apps.

Yes this is all speculation, but speculation founded in reasoning and technology we have available now.

Whitey2k1188d ago

this tech will do well with minecraft or pokemon battles even yu gi ho card battle games or battle games its good for character customzing like Cod Battlefield even when ur in a tank lets u view as if u r in a tank it has its pros and cons

Finch1188d ago

I was thinking of Mechassult. You have the TV screen as your window into the game and the AR is off screen with all the controls to the mech. I can also see a lot of games that where showed off for illumiroom working the same way with main stream games with this AR glasses. Still have the main game on screen but you can look around your room and see else where within the game. Say even if its just a beacon, heartbeats behind walls. Ether way I am sure it can do much more, but for the main stream games just to add in the AR glasses. I see it can do just as much as Illumiroom could have if not much better then it would have done.

Lennoxb631188d ago

It is competition but at the same time its not. I say this because it still immerses you in games. Just not the same way as Sony's VR. You can play games that spread across your environment. But you can also stream Xbox One games on to a holographic screen and play there.

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