Something really cool happens when you finish Resident Evil HD *spoiler*

Those who finish Resident Evil HD will be met with a really nice surprise at the end. If you wish to find out what it is on your own, DO NOT head below the break. You have been warned.

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DarkOcelet1095d ago

Shinji Mikami was really passionate about his work. Its his baby, they should have let him have it his way with RE5. He would have made it amazing.

vishmarx1095d ago

on the bright side
TEW sold 3m+ units so hes probably still in business

DarkOcelet1095d ago

Yeah, The sequel will look very beautiful on current gen only.

gantarat1095d ago

Doubt source is vgchart,right ?

Nerdmaster1095d ago

Doesn't it appear only after finishing the game on Invisible Enemy mode?

fashionst1095d ago

This "news" is literally more than a decade old.

FullmetalRoyale1095d ago

Because everyone that bought this played it before, right?


Mikeyy1094d ago

Not going to lie, I was expecting something a little more exciting.

Scrivlar1094d ago

I never got this at the end. But I did do it on very easy to be fair ha, Still I was hoping for something a bit cooler.