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GR-UK writes: "Despite all the innovations, changes, and fresh ideas, one can still argue about how new Blackguards 2 really is. Graphically and in terms of game mechanics, things have not changed significantly, but there's a great new story and the whole concept has been reevaluated and tweaked where required. Blackguards felt very bulky and old-fashioned in comparison. The new adventure is still not easy to digest, it has great depth and a demanding level of difficulty - but for a classic strategy role-playing game it doesn't feel too dense.

"Ultimately Blackguards 2 is varied - and this applies to both locations and opponents. Maybe this is the game that Blackguards should have been, but then again, without the first attempt this masterpiece might never have come about. Daedalic has done a great job in telling a story of revenge, in the process exploring the thoughts and deeds of a controversial character. Mechanically it's strong, and an improvement on the first. Blackguards...

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JoeIsMad1242d ago

Maybe this game is actually worth having a look at, getting decent reviews and all.