MWEB GameZone Interview - Ethics and Trends

MWEB GameZone interviews a celebrity, geek and critical thinking specialist about Gamergate, 2015 trends and changes needed in video game journalism."

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johndoe112111274d ago

Another site with their gamergate misrepresentation drivel added to my block list.

schmoe1274d ago

Its actually a pretty good piece, you would notice that if you read more than the headline

HanCilliers1274d ago

Yip, not the standard answers of shun gamergate. Three different views

lord zaid1274d ago

You wasting your digital ink on this guy. He has already made up his mind about whats what. There's no talking to him

johndoe112111274d ago

Ever heard the saying about assuming? Where exactly in the headline does it mention gamergate. I read the entire article and I really couldn't give a damn if some of the other points actually made sense.

The moment you try to spin gamergate as some misogynistic hate group that is terrorizing women, I really don't care what you have to say. Each of the people they interviewed referenced gamergate to a gender issue. How the hell was I wrong?

plut0nash1274d ago

Nothing wrong with a postponed game. Doom 3 was a "when it's done" title, and remains a great game till today. I'd prefer a game to be polished than see so many patches like with Halo MCC.