Would A Futuristic Setting Ruin Zelda?

ZI: Since The Legend of Zelda is typically regarded as a fantasy series, it's not too often then we imagine it set in a future era rather than some mystical, bygone era. Part of the explorative and adventurous nature of the series and its gameplay is assumed to be derived from the untamed and pristine (to varying degrees) world with which we are invited to interact, but with the mixtures of fantasy, science, and technology present for years through sci-fi and the like, it's unfair to merely dismiss the potential of a futuristic setting for our favorite franchise without some discussion.

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SavageKuma1149d ago

I honestly would not think so. Sometimes you can take a chance and if they do a futuristic version of Zelda with the same essence of Hyrule it could work. I will keep an open mind for this one if that ever happens.

gerbwmu1149d ago

Zelda games are all over the place anyway. There is already time travel, multiple worlds, different realities, etc. No reason why a more modern or futuristic version wouldn't work.

wonderfulmonkeyman1149d ago

Having a "modern-day Zelda that reflects real life" would not do the series justice, IMO. It would ruin the feel of a whole different world.

gerbwmu1149d ago

I think modern day and real life are too very different things. Still can be fantasy with a more modern skin. Link could have access to vehicles and towns could resemble modern cities and still keep the magic, weapons etc. I doubt Nintendo would stray far from the fantasy if they decided to go that route with a version

wonderfulmonkeyman1149d ago

A futuristic Hyrule setting, possibly.

But futuristic in general, with modern-day conveniences that don't match the world of the series?

I don't think so.

Spirit Tracks was as close as the series can comfortably get without ruining the overall tone of the series, IMO.

Anything more "Modern real-day" than that would just not feel like Zelda anymore.

If they're ever going to do a futuristic Zelda, it should be done in the style of a more "magic-centric tech" era.

Imagine buildings and transportation methods that resemble the stuff we saw in the Twilight Realm's castle in Twilight Princess.
Stuff that looks like that would be alright.

marloc_x1148d ago

Kevin Spacey as Ganondorf..

wonderfulmonkeyman1148d ago

Stop that! You'll scare the children...XD

MSBAUSTX1149d ago

It didnt ruin final fantasy. Up until 5 or 6 I think it was always knights and bad guys for the most part. Even two I think had mechanical suits but still maintained its olden days feel when you went to towns and villages. It wasnt until 7 and 8 that things got really futuristic and then 9 went back to its roots. 12 was a more old time setting as was 11 but the 13 and the newer ones coming out are more futuristic. FFT was a fantasy old fahioned setting. They have maintained their appeal and playability through out all of them.

The only problem with lOZ trying to do this is that they have somehow kept the story and lore in some kind of relation with each passing game. Final fantasy, for the most part, is a completely different experience and set of characters every game. LOZ is link, different form of Link, or an ancestor of Link each game. If they decide to go futuristic with it in the future, pun intended, they would have to keep with this theme IMO. Cant call the game Legend of Zelda without Zelda in it. So, like Wind Waker, they had a decendant of her and a decendant of Link. As long as those story elements are there, it could work.

gangsta_red1148d ago

I can see a futuristic Zelda in the sense of an Anime Phantasy Star.

A setting where science and magic meet.

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The story is too old to be commented.